Trek Experience : Trail that takes you out from the office!

Hello! My name is Ankit Mishra. I work as a UX/UI Designer at Achieveee Design & Development studio based in Mumbai, apart from that I like to take solo trips & explore places.

This is where I share my travel experiences & stories. I want to travel and seek experiences & open my mind to new possibilities.

The best way to explore the mountains is walking the way where our step doesn’t stop. As life is so busy, the daily schedule really makes everyone bore. In this fussy life, an adventure trip can make your mind fresh and can make memories for a lifetime.

Last month(i.e June 2017) I’ve decided to take a little challenge for myself that I am going take a one day trek every weekend for a month just to experience my inner strength, also my curiosity towards visiting & experiencing new places.

Trek that I covered during a weekend getaways:

1. Peb Fort

Peb Fort also known as Vikatgad is an ancient fort situated near Neral in Maharashtra. A popular one-day trekking destination.


2. Kalsubai — Highest Peak of Maharashtra

Trek Kalsubai Peak with the height of 1646m [5400Feets] is famous as one of the highest peaks in Maharashtra. Kalsubai lies in the Sahyadri mountain range.


3. Visapur Fort

Visapur Fort is a hill fort near Visapur village in Maharashtra. It has an elevation of 1084 meters above sea level. It is a part of the Lohagad-Visapur fortification.


4. Rajmachi Fort

Rajmachi is a fort located near Lonavala. It height from sea level is 2710 feet. It offers an amazing view of the Sahyadri mountains and the backwaters of Shirota Dam.


Things I’ve experienced through this-monsoon getaways:

Nature has always been the most abundant source of inspiration for artists, and a huge amount of art presents nature, so always grab from it!

Get the courage to push yourself in everything, the level of a confidence automatically boosts up to accomplish almost anything in life.

You can measure your own limitations, and will realise how important is to be healthy & get to know the required strength to achieve something.

Don’t always try to get something out from it, the journey of the whole trek in nature, Always inspires you in its own way.

Getting out of your own comfort zone gives you a sense of realization that, how good your life is and, you started to get out from it every time.

Got to know how important in life to get motivated & variety of activities, things, experience gives you a daily motivation in your life.

I started realizing that after a one-day trek the whole week I feel very fresh and energetic, Get to know how nature impacts you in a very positive way.

The long and good conversation always makes you remember that people have some great desire to live a healthy lifestyle.

“Let’s wander where the WiFi is weak”
Ankit Mishra


To sum up I must say from one day trek you can learn lots of things if you are ready to get out of your comfort zone.

Thanks to people who were during the trek for these unforgettable moments of joy, surprises, and thrill.

Every fortnight I share here my experinces as a traveller and as a designer, you can read my previous blog post here:

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