Life : a second chance.

Suppose you've given one chance to live a life from a starting point of your choice.
It may be when you are 4 years old or may be when you are 40 years old.
The choice is yours .
You will be fully matured as you are today.
You have all your memories and knowledge.
So my question is
Would you choose to go back in past and change the course of your life???

It would most simple or can be most complicated questions of your life ???
Isn't , the most sophisticated questions to answer .
You must be in great dilemma . Don't you?
Everyone has some regret , some past , some memories .
Memories we want to erase from our life.
People we want to erase from our life.

So what's your choice.
What would you choose.
if you want to rectify all your past mistake then go ahead here is your chance
you just simply live this life as it is. .

May be 70 percent people want to amend their life in a better way. I know cuz it's hard to live with regret.
 And may be you are right , giving your life in right direction , to correct your past mistake ; that's what everyone want in life.

Everyone want this chance to go through all your past and correct all our mistakes.
Right . Is that all we want from our life.
don't we??

But what if.
The word if sometime this word is enough to destroy our whole life , our whole world
What happens if things didn't go as smoothly as we predicted .
then what would happen?
What will you do?
so you again live your life with regret. .

You see ' life is like a movie , where there are ups and downs, happy and sad moment , romance and heartbreak but life is a long lasting movie with a happy ending "
Am I right ?
so why go back to past and change the course.
Isn't it the most beautiful and wonderful movie .
Why change just live with this and certainly when climax come you will get your answer why some things doesn't worked as you expected..
The best part of life is UNPREDICTABILITY. .
that what makes it interesting.

So again

I m asking same question.
Now this time think wisely before answering it.