On the Sabrimala Temple Case

Ankit Pandey
Sep 22, 2018 · 3 min read

Lets talk about the Sabrimala Temple Case a bit?
While the ruling has already been declared and I did not want to comment on this back then because it had been made out to be a feminist issue lets understand a perspective here.

For those who do not visit temples and do not understand the energy system, this post isn’t for you. Please refrain from reading any further as whatever is written after these lines is not proven in any scientific manner yet and the only basis of this is my small amount of knowledge and some experience on this subject. I am still researching and I will reach out to you at a certain point of time in my life if/when I do have enough ‘scientific evidence’.

For the others who do feel the energy when they visit certain (not all) temples, please do understand the fact that many of these temples carry some sort of energy. These might be simple energies to heal in some form or tantric for other objectives. You do know that meditation in your bedroom vs meditation at a monastry vs meditation at a hill vs meditation near a lake — all have different experiences. And if you have experienced this then also understand the fact that each of these temples, many of which are more than 1000 years old have certain energy systems designed in a manner to elevate or decrease the power in certain chakras of your body. A clockwise parikrama vs an anticlockwise parikrama in the same hemisphere will have different effects.
Also understand the fact that apart from the temples like these which bar women to enter, there are also others which bar men to enter in to them. By many learned and powerful people, such pieces can be designed even today. But not adhering to these rules, it does no harm to the sanctity of the place. The sanctity is irrespective. It affects your own body. The sanctity of the place is talked about because emotion and religious belief is something that is easily acceptable by the society at large, which does not get into the depth of these things; however a claim about energy is not, because it is still ‘non-scientific’. Hence, understand the fact that this has nothing to do with feminism or misogyny or suppressing of women. Loads of other examples within religion are about these issues — yes. But this one isn’t. This is just plain energy related stuff, the effects of which one can know only if you read the actual texts about the temple, or if you visit.
Please read.

And yes, if you do not understand this and this sounds rubbish, please do visit all such places across India. And share your experiences. Not just surrounding the trips but changes in lives (if any) after these visits, from the perspective of your data. I’ll be most happy for any such volunteers to help carry out research on these subjects to assess whether the texts hold any scientific validity. Your data will be safe.

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