The successful team.

From a very long time I wanted to reflect on one thing that probably is the most important thing in any organization, sports or any business, industry and that is A Team.

Well the regular definition of a team would be group of people with different or similar skill-set working towards a projected goal. For me, the definition is beyond that. Why do some teams tirelessly work and achieve goals and why do some teams fail? While we have lot of research done on how teams work and what should be there strategy for success, I believe it is a very fundamental thing. A team that succeeds has people who are open for change, who are open for trying out new things and who are open for positive criticism. These people first think about the final goal and align themselves accordingly, they are passionate about achieving and they care for their team mates. They feel accountable and are always filled with positive energy which they impart to others when they feel down. They do compete but the competition is more with themselves rather than others. The culture becomes so dynamic that everyone wants to achieve a goal with passion and all of them give their 100% and as a result they often succeed!

It is so important to have good team because that defines the culture of an organization and then the success story and the quality of the final product does not just reflect the effort but it also oozes the positive energy and enthusiasm that has gone into making it. A good team treats their product under development as their own baby. They focus on every detail to make it healthy, its fitness and growth is all they care about. They discuss new ideas, share knowledge, encourage each other and make progress! They are patient, they know value of time and they are practical to calculate the risks involved. They balance the heart and mind and stop any other team mate from deviating on the undesired path.

No good product has ever come out of team where people are stubborn and do not welcome new ideas, they also do the conventional which has already been done million times. They hate change and unconventional methods, they do not like challenging themselves and they are always competing with each other trying to prove their point right. They are very self-centered and take things for granted, they take things personally and never understand the meaning of positive criticism, they are always in the shell of ego which doesn’t allow them to accept that they could go wrong. It is very hard to grow in teams with these attributes.

Before focusing on anything else we should probably focus on building great teams who work together for each other for one single goal where every team member is an owner who is energetic to drive the whole team during turbulence, these team self-sustain, the grow with every new challenge and as a result every team member grows, emotionally and professionally while they build great relationships and great products.

Cheers to all great teams out there. Keep up the good work, spread positivity!