A usual date is where a couple who like each other and want to know each other try and spend some time together so that they can understand each other better and decide about their future or in some case present!!

I have many friends some are single , some are in a committed relationship , some got married after being in a relationship and some are on the verge of getting married .

Knowing me they always ask me to date someone just for the experience and in the process I’ll know my self better, I ll discover other side of me , I ll be more matured and other interesting stuff which I cannot mention here.

Some one also said that everyone must go through a breakup at least once in their life.

I was not so convinced with their reasoning, I was like kuch hona hai toh apne aap hoga, why should I date someone to know myself better.

But one my friend suggested me to date with a twist which I always wanted to do so after giving some thoughtful days , I called up that friend and asked her “ listen is this normal?”

She was like “yaa yaa ek dum normal hai maine bhi kiya hai”

She was sounding confident and I was kinda convinced by her!

So I decided to go on a date with a twist!!

So it was a weekend I was getting bored Ghar pe, nothing on TV so I slept for sometime and figured out some cool pitzaah (pizza) places for THE DATE , I called up and made the reservation and was also planning to go for a movie.

So around 7:30 pm reached the pitzaah place Thoda waiting tha during which I figured out what to order ( for me anything with cheese is bang on) so I ordered MEXICAN BONANZA and after waiting for around 15 min she came and as soon as I saw her I stood up and greeted her with open arms, and trust me people just being with her made me feel that my life is sorted all my problems and stress went on vacation, I was not thinking about anything , at that point we had a moment and I wish time would have frozen there.

But for some reason we had to part our ways , I was Thoda upset but the thought of meeting her next time made me happy , I was feeling nice and I decided to go for the movie..

During the movie I was missing her. I was liking the feeling of missing her… But I was not able to focus on the movie and movie was also kinda ok . Movie got over I was on my way back home… I messaged that friend who convinced me to go on a date with a twist ki “aisa hua” she was like “good yaar” she also told me ki Thoda ajeeb lagega but everything thing will be good. I was like OK and I am planning to do this again she was like go for it!!

I was confused and happy at same time so decided to sleep over this thought.

When I woke up next morning I was happy… So I decided to go on a date again because the company was very good…still figuring out the day.

This date made me realize that spending time is so important be it alone or with someone. And its not necessary to talk every time, sometime you just need to sit and relax and enjoy the moment and you don’t need to figure out everything, no need to find reason behind everything sometime you should go with the flow

So I would suggest everybody should go on this type of date with a twist ..

P.s — While we were eating I managed to click a candied photo of my date.

Would you guys like see her?

Here she is….isn t she preety!!?

I call her MEXICAN BONANZA by the way!!

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