You could print these out, fold in half, and prop up on the table at the cafe you host tea time.

Here’s a Google Drive link where you can download the PDFs →

If you received a Welcome note from us, this page is for you.

Please fill out this form by Sunday, October 14!

  • Double check to make sure we’re on the same page
  • Submit your Host profile page
  • Schedule your first 2 tea times
  • Find a few locations you can host tea time at
  • Join the TWS Worldwide Facebook Group
  • Follow us at Being a Host on Medium (and get comfortable!)

Take a second to look at this page first.

Tea times happen in public spaces. Cafes are usually prime for this, but in some cities, hotel lobbies, parks and parklets, plazas, or rooftops are options.

  • Open when you want to host tea time (this is important to check with cafes for weekday evening tea times)
  • Not loud, but not dead silent
  • Not too crowded. The conversation should have good space, not just figuratively, but also literally
  • Tables for 4 (they’re best for groups of 4–6, as they keep the group close together)
  • Preferably easy to get to (think public transit, parking, etc.)
  • A kind staff that won’t frown upon a group sitting for 2 hours with just a few teas/coffees at the…

Some things you know you need. Some things you don’t know you need.

If you’re going to set aside 2 hours to orchestrate a conversation with strangers on some regular basis, you might as well take a few extra minutes to do it well.

Tea time

You’re going to be a great host. Let’s make sure you feel like it.

Do these sound obvious? Great.

✅ #1: Telling people about the tea time helps ensure strangers are at your tea time.

Nobody becomes good at something without practicing it.

We believe everyone is able to be a great host, but we’re specifically looking for people that *want* to be.

This is the welcome screen.

New applications will be considered to start hosting in in mid/late August 2018.

  • We accept applications on a rolling basis.
  • We review the applications and invite new hosts to join the community every 1–2 months.
  • We’ll send you a response to your application when our review process begins.

A repository of art and other collateral we’ve made over the years

Talking to people about Tea With Strangers—in real life and on the internet—is how we get people to come to tea time.

🙉 Every host has their own story. What’s yours?

So actually, why do YOU host (or want to host) with Tea With Strangers? What in your life has brought you to this moment? What are you hoping for? Why is now an important time to sit with strangers for you? What does TWS mean to you?

Writing Facebook posts about Tea With Strangers (to get people you don’t know to come to your tea time) →

Social Media Friendly TWS Graphics →

A disproportionate amount of our favorite attendees come from the friends and friends-of-friends of our Host Community

Take a second (at least) to think about your story.

Great shares also often include:

  • A call to friends to tell their friends or tag them in comments
  • Tags to other…

Ankit Shah

👋🏽 Founder of Tea With Strangers. I try to help people who bring people together.

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