Image by Capri23auto
Image by Capri23auto
Photo by Capri23auto on Pixbay

Drifting aimlessly,
Falling helplessly,
What am I to you?
Given half a chance,
I believe I can.

Say the words.
Erase my doubts.
Am I in love?
I don’t understand.

Here is my new experiment video for my instrumental song Dystopia.

My very first poetry and music collab. I hope you’ll enjoy it.
Thank you.

Lyrics and Recitation — Short prose fiction
Music, production and arrangement — Ankit

Lyrics Pain is dripping from guitars
into sunsets with no end
pigeons guide ships lost at sea
tears drop from plumy skies…
love is blowing in the wind
scents of flowers and of salt

Listen to the night of oleanders
to the magic of the key which turns
take me to the kiss of no return
when the sky is turning blue
and we’re centuries apart
let me kneel in front of you

Image credits : geralt

When andromeda shall merge with our universe
When stars shall die and red dwarf shall burst
When skies shall fall crushing everything into cosmic dust
When centuries shall pass and eons shall be gone
Promise me of love,
Like an inevitable fate cannot be undone
like how we’re promised of death when we’re born

The farther I go, the closer it takes.
It’s with your memories my love
In a hundred pieces
My existence shatters, my heart breaks

What I’d do my love, It’s not easy, often thinking of erasing myself.
Silenced by my situation, my hands tied,
I’ll learn from my mistakes, I’ll mend the fences , it’s all pointless, you’ll never be here to observe the change.

When the voices resonates, these walls won’t prompt nothing but deafening silence.
Quietly this house weeps, these streets grieve, mournful cries comes from the core. I want no part, I’ll skip the road, I’ll shut the door.
Will I learn to control what I cannot ignore?

Permeate my skin, You lived within, love dies hearts resent, left inside my head forever ingrained
Sympathize not lover, you will be washed like dust in the rain.

Ankit Thapa

Poetry and Music

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