How you make me suffer

Through your silence I see it all,
My attempts to bring you back they fall 
And you’ve become deaf to my desperate call.
Tell me how dose it feel to stand tall? 
To me this feels like some kinda mission
I scream and I cry but its too low for you to listen
Now that you refuse to hear my voice,
I stand helpless i have no choice. 
Unable to mend fences despite my thousand sorry,
I try to relax but my friend, I have to worry.
You of all stabbed me with your dagger,
On my way up but I only stagger

Not so long been a while,
Yet you’ve become someone that could make me smile.
In a short span, within me I let you deeply ingrain
Now, would it be ok if I wash you just like dust in the rain?

And for you I swallowed my pride,
Tell me how do I face all those poeople that I lied
Finally this friendship wasn’t wise,
You my friend can have your fame over my demise.