Impact sheet a way to make QA process faster

Every application has new feature coming in every release and some of the feature has impact on existing feature which might either crash the app or show non relevant data and this can take long time to catch these issues in regression as regression will be testing all the features out of which some features are not at all impacted when a new feature in added in the app.

Impact sheet is a very simple excel sheet which has feature, impact and level

Developer has to add the feature he/she is working on and which module can the feature impact with the approximate impact (High/low)

This will make the QA process faster as QA can test impacted feature first and catch the bugs before regressing testing . feature XYZ has been introduced and which might impact feature ABC(10th feature) total number of feature are 20

REGRESSION→ regression will start from feature 1 to feature 20 and the bug will be caught on 10th feature as the new feature has an impact on 10th .

IMPACT SHEET → It will me mentioned in the impact sheet that the feature XYZ will have impact on 10th feature(ABC) so that QA can first directly got to 10th feature(ABC) and catch the bug

NOTE* Impact sheet will. not remove regression testing form the process but it will help to find bug before regression testing

Using The impact Sheet

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