How Your Future Looks Like and Where it’s Coming From?

Most people use to think that our future is brought to us from nowhere just like in the famous Doris Day’s song:

“When I was just a little girl,
I asked my mother, “What will I be?
Will I be pretty? Will I be rich?”
Here’s what she said to me

Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future’s not ours to see
Que sera, sera
What will be, will be”

Though, the compound effect Darrin Hardy is talking about silently works in our lives.

It’s like gravity. It works no matter if we’re aware of it or not.

What we’re doing day in and day out accumulates somewhere.

In time these accumulations direct us in certain places.

Could be places we’d like to be in or not.

When we let our days goes by without a specific target, the outcome is indecision and frustration. One day we might find ourselves in a deep depression.

Our lazy days accumulate too.

We show up at our jobs because we have to and because ‘that’s life’. We risk being hit someday by a life crisis because systems/entities are to evolve.

And we’re no exception.

Standing still and living our days without any purpose is our choice. If we don’t envision a direction to follow, we risk to be going in hazardous directions we won’t like. Crises arise to correct our route and determine us to choose the evolution path.

We are in a permanent process of evolving without realizing.

Our days look the same and on the go we don’t perceive any change. It looks like we’re in a 24 hours’ loop spinning in the same place.

But the loop is moving and pushing us in the direction our daily actions are heading to.

It could be the direction we want to go to or could be the wrong direction. Our life’s direction is determined by what we’re doing or not doing every single day of our lives.

Thinking of our daily activities from this point of view could be frightening. They bluntly show you that everything you’re doing each day determines your future.

There are no insignificant days in our lives.

To better understand this, look at your kids: we don’t know when they grow up. We see them as babies and suddenly they’re at school, then at high school and go on their first date.

Living with them and seeing them every day, we don’t realize when this change takes place.

The same happen with us. While our kids are growing, we’re going through a changing process too. And one day we find ourselves not knowing when our lives have passed by.

That’s the way your future is been created.


Now, do this exercise:

Review what you’re doing and watch your dominant feelings in a normal day. Then try to figure out where these actions and feelings are taking you.

Can you predict the outcome? What you’re going to get after they add up continuously during weeks and years?

Ask yourself if you’d like to see these results in your life.

Imagine yourself living in the place where all these accumulation processes are taking you.

Do you like what you see? Do you really want to be there?

Where are the hours spent on facebook and instagram taking you?

Where are your feelings of hate or your frustrations taking you?

Where is your indifference taking you?

Where is your superficiality taking you?

Where is your daily work ultimately taking you?

I had a big AHA moment when I read somewhere that what we’re doing daily mirrors our income.

I looked at one of my ‘normal’ days and realized that I was just doing scattered actions without a clear target:

  • Read articles,
  • Learn things which I didn’t need for the moment,
  • Watched nice videos on youtube and shared them on facebook,
  • Took a look on pinterest which transformed in staying there one hour.

Then, I thought to write an article for my blog, but felt too tired and postponed it for the next day.

And the next day I probably finally wrote the article, but then postponed to share it for the following day.

Building my business was for me a goal which I had been telling myself I had to do. Still, I didn’t do sustained action toward reaching it.

I thought it is enough time.

I wondered why I’d been procrastinating to build my business. And I realized that deep in myself I wasn’t convinced I could really succeed.

I felt that working toward this goal would be a waste of time until I’ll find out the right idea for my business.

I had a lot of options: build an affiliate marketing website, set up a blog or write and sell some e-books or courses. And I couldn’t decide for any of them. I wanted to do them all because all seemed to me good ideas.

Still, I sometimes had attempted to take a decision, choose and go for one of them.

I thought to build an affiliate website and started to think about a niche. After losing hours browsing the net in search for a good niche idea, I abandoned this path. Then thought it maybe would be nicer to have a blog…

Day by day went without me taking a clear decision and set out toward a defined direction.
When we have many options and all the time at our disposal to make a choice, chances are we finally do nothing.

That’s exactly I’d been doing.

Time lost and aimless actions add up in the same way our right purposeful actions do.

The thing is that, most often than not, while performing our daily plans, we won’t feel any change.

But after longer periods of time, we feel huge improvements. It happens without even noticing when they came.

So, we find ourselves much more skilled in performing some tasks. Or more knowledgeable in certain areas or just see outstanding results coming suddenly.

And looking back you can see the way which brought you here. That’s the moment you become unstoppable. Because you understand how your right choices work in your favor.

Progress happens in leaps, it is not linear.

The growth is exponential.

That’s why steadily progress looks deceptive. You cannot see it while working for it.

Success is for those determined to take one step at a time.

Taking the right actions days, weeks, months, and years in a row without breaking the chain.

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