Email Marketing 2017 : Relevance, Benefits and Undeniable Facts

It is now 45 years since the first email was sent. Over the period of time, Email has earned the repute of being one of the powerful and tested marketing weapons with no signs of diminishing.

By the end of 2016, it’s predicted that there will be 4.6 billion email accounts.

“Email Marketing is considered as one of the most cost-effective methods of staying in contact with the clients”.

It is a form of direct marketing, where a commercial message is broadcasted to a group of current customers or potential customers using an email. Email Marketing involves the use of emails for request business, donations, solicit sales or send ads. It is meant to build faith, loyalty and brand awareness. In its broad sense, email marketing is referred to sending email messages with an aim to enhance the merchant relationship with its previous or current customers, encourage repeat business or customer loyalty and convincing the current customer to purchase a certain commodity or service.

Email Marketing is executed through different types of emails

  • Transactional emails

Transactional emails are sent as a result of company’s triggered based reaction on a customer’s action. Whenever a customer makes a reservation or buys a product, emails are sent confirming the success of those transactions. In this way, the companies and e-commerce merchants, legitimize the purchase of products. Keeping in mind the captive audience, marketers try to include new sales pitches into the transactional emails.

Believe it or not :

The Transactional emails have 8x more opens and clicks than any other type of email, and can generate 6x more revenue. (Source- Experian)
81% of the online shoppers who received emails ( targeted email ) based on previous shopping habits are likely to make purchase. (Source — eMarketer)
  • Email Newsletters

Email Newsletters are regular emails that are directed to subscribers, who wish to receive the updates from the company. It usually don’t carry any hardcore sales message, but focuses on maintaining a brand and customer relation. Email Newsletters are conversational in tone and contains information and news about anything that interest the customers.

Main idea for using Email Newsletters Service is to keep audience connected to an organization, even when they are not purchasing anything.

  • Mobile Emails

With an increase in the smartphone and tablet usage is altering the modern day email marketing strategy. Nowadays, emails are designed in such a way that Email Marketing derives a huge amount of traffic from tablets and smartphones.

An email should be optimized for the mobile devices to derive customer’s response. Its content should be easy to comprehend, load quickly and should contain simple and clear calls to action and OTP in email .

Over the year 2015, opening of an email using mobile increased by 17 % and now constitutes to around 55 % total. iPhone was recorded with 33% mobile opens and Android with 10% of emails opened mobile open. (Source: Litmus)

Relevant Facts about Email and Email Marketing Trends

At acquiring a new customer, email is 40 times more effective than Twitter or Facebook — McKinsey
You are likely to get 6x more clicks through an email campaign than a tweet — Campaign Monitor
72% people prefer email as a tool to receive promotional content as compared to 17% who prefer social media — MarketingSherpa
Email marketing propels more conversions than any other marketing channel, that includes social or search– Monetate
82% of B2C and B2B companies use Email marketing technology — Ascend2
56% of the companies use an email marketing provider, More than 75% are likely to shop for marketing automation software over next year.

Email Marketing has a long way to go :)

While everybody is talking about Social Media and all its offerings, many believe that Email Marketing is a dying breed, right? Not Exactly. Email marketing is very much Alive and Kicking and is revered as one of the leading marketing tool for brand promotion, customer engagement, raising TRPs and awareness. Here’s why?

  • Easy to create

You don’t require high-end software support, technology and immense manpower to frame an email marketing strategy. A proper approach that utilizes simple text, image templates and logos is just enough. Your content is crucial, it plays a vital role in determining the success or failure of your email marketing campaign.

  • Increased Brand and Business Awareness

With each email sent, customers get exposed to your brand and business. With smart design, targeted content and strategic planning, your business will eventually build a value. Whenever a customer needs a product, your business stands a much better chance of turning the visitor into a loyal customer.

  • High Return on Investment

In the modern business, results matter the most. A well-planned, properly invested and timely executed email marketing is the wonderful Return on Investment. According to a study by Direct Marketing Association, an email marketing usually returns £40 for every £1 invested. A large number of sources have revealed that it is considered as one of the better platforms when it comes to delivering ROI.

  • Low Cost

As compared to other mainstream marketing channels, a solid email marketing strategy is cost-effective. Investments made on the marketing through email is lower. It doesn’t involve any postage or print cost. No fees or additional costs are paid for the advertisements in magazine, television or billboards. However, a small amount may be spent by the marketers on the use of a professional email marketing software to track, automate or evaluate the emails. But these spendings are far lower than what you delightedly pay to use other channels for marketing.

  • Follows Targeted Approach

Unlike various other marketing channels that are forced upon the potential customers, email marketing is the one that is requested by consumers themselves. Businesses that utilize email marketing solutions send the emailers to only those consumers who have subscribed to the newsletters. Consumers registers and sign up to the newsletters to receive up-to-date information about products or to get a sneak peak about the contests or special offer.

By segmenting the contacts on the basis of demographics, lead status, location, etc. you are able to control the visibility of the email.

# You can customize your message for each customer, thereby stimulating high conversion rates

# Use of targeted approach ensures that specifically suited content is offered to the customer.

Easily Shareable

Leonard Simon Nimoy once quoted: “The more we share, the more we have”

Sharing is a key to marketing. It opens a whole new window to raise exposures and enhance credibility. With just a simple click on a forward button, your subscribers can share the deals, news and offers to their relatives and friends. Acting like a brand evangelist, your subscribers can introduce your businesses to the world.

Easily Trackable

Another key benefit of email marketing is an ability to draw valuable and precise metrics. You can easily monitor open rates, delivery rates, subscriber retention rates, etc. These values are more than just the percentages or numbers, it also showcase the customer interest and behaviour. By using email marketing campaign as a tool, you can find the responsiveness of your customer and spot the areas where it can be improved.

Email marketing is utilized by diverse business across the globe. It paves the way for more business opportunities and drives better ROI (Return on Investment). Not only this, it enables your business to create a deeper relation with an extensive range of audience at a very low cost. With a proper guidance, ethical

Are there more benefits ? Do you still believe that email marketing is dead ?

The article was first published on LinkedIn Pulse by Ankur Kumar on June 15, 2016