Delhi 2015 Elections from Point of View of a Modi Fan

Yesterday’s biggest news, did not shock me (voting percentage did shock me) —

Partywise Vote Share

BJP — 3 seats
AAP — 67 seats
INC — 0 seats
Others- 0 seats

I knew that AAP would win this election(news channel exit polls predicted this) but winning at such a huge margin was unexpected.

At the time of forming AAP government (with INC support) in Jan 2014, it was rumored that it would end within a few months and AAP would try to spread at national level. It clearly did not work and AAP got 4 seats. Now it is changed.

Here are reasons that may have resulted in failure of BJP and a Massive Victory for AAP

Expectation of people from Modi Government

People voted for Narendra Modi believing they see inflation reach 0 within a month of his government. People want results and not the how the result was achieved. If Modi would have declared subsidies for things (like Kejriwal did in Delhi which would at some stage result in massive debt) then it would have been much easier to win the election but at a high national debt.

Real Good Governance

Many government employees are unhappy because Modi Government made attendance strict. They have installed biometrics system and the server where, this attendance information will be stored is closed between the expected start and end time of the job, so they cannot be manipulated. Indians Incredible Indians.

BJP’s vs AAP Election Strategy

All state elections after May 2014, were held in larger states. In these states, it is hard to get into street and try to talk and convince people to vote for them. BJP succeeded in these states by choosing a right medium for communicating which usually included radio, newspaper, TV ads and speeches from Prime Minister. Delhi being a smaller region and thanks to time given by BJP to AAP by not wanting to have elections, AAP used all its resources and time to try to talk to people and understand their problems while BJP choose ads.

Ghar Wapasi

Source -

BJP has always been targeted to be a non-secular organization and dispite of knowing this, Modi government failed to stop Ghar Wapasi mess. At one point, Ghar Wapasi would not have been a major issue if it was not forced upon people to change their religion to Hindu. Modi government should take good action on such mess. They need to stop conversion of any religion. There are people who change their religion, surnames and caste just to enjoy privileges they will get from being a “minority”.

Attempt to parachute CM

No doubt, Kiran Bedi’s career in police department has been excellent. BJP should have brought her 2–3 months ago. Their was talks on instability in Delhi BJP which is not good before election.

Kiran Bedi had been targeted for not having administrative experience. She did have better experience working in police, while Kejriwal has 49 day — 32 hours dharna experience.

BJP directly attacking Arvind Kejriwal

The reasonNarendra Modi is so popular is because everyone talks about him. The same happened for Kejriwal this time. Though sarcastically Modi targetted Kejriwal and gave him a bigger advantage. Many BJP posters included Kejriwal.

INC’s (Congress’s) Election Strategy

If Congress was strong in Delhi their was no way we would have to see an AAP government. The vote share shift from Congress to AAP is around 15%. If is difficult to imagine an experienced party like Congress losing Delhi so easily.

“Modi for PM, Kejriwal for CM”

Picture from AAP’s website a few months ago which was later taken down

AAP’s Promises

AAP made some very big promises which for now are unthinkable. The money that will be required to achieve these goals are huge. It will be interesting to see Kejriwal making excuses while “attempting” to implement them. The time by which their promises will be delivered will also be a surprise, with 67 seats they can easily pass any bill. What they will ultimately do is try to blame Modi Government for not providing money.

I support Modi for his work.

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