A broken heart

Date: 15th March 2016

“Why are you leaving me. Why now, when I need you the most. Are you not happy with me.”, said Simran with tears in her eyes

Gaurav comforted her “I can’t explain this to you. I have to do this. Its not what I wished for, it’s what is written in our destiny”.

“Fuck destiny, we make our own destiny.”

“You won’t understand, even if I told you the truth”

“Try me”, Simran had hope, that she can somehow be able to convince Gaurav not to leave her.

It has been 2 years since Gaurav saw Maya for the first time. Gaurav was an innocent, shabby boy. Maya was mature, sensible girl. Gaurav enjoyed when he talked to Maya. He felt inclined towards her. Her voice touched his heart. But this was not suppose to last longer. She was too mature for him, and he was too childish for her. He loved her for her imperfection, she left him for his. The actual problem started, after she left him. He resented this fact. He used to do stupid stuff to get her back, the same stuff which a child does when his demands don’t get fulfilled. Every time he tried, she scolded him, like an elder used to doing to that naughty child.

Gaurav met Simran 6 months back. Gaurav was still trying to recover from the heartbreak. Simran had patience, she knew that despite a broken heart Gaurav can still love her. She tried everything she could. She cared for him very much, but she still felt something was missing between them. There were fights, both cried.

“You can go to her, if you want. I can help you. I can talk to her” said Simran angrily.

“It have nothing to do with her. I am trying to forget her, I am really trying my best” said Gaurav.

“You are not trying enough. I know that you still love her. I don’t know what happened between you two. But if you want to go, just go”

“I don’t want to go to her. She doesn’t care for me. She used me. She doesn’t even say thank you for the help.” Tears rolled from his eyes. He knew that he has been lying to Simran all this time. He was still in love with Maya.

Gaurav decided it was time to face the truth. He had to end his relationship with Simran. He was afraid that longer he waits, more difficult it would be for him. He couldn’t love her. He had become like Maya, mature, sensible man, incapable of love.

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