Some Unanswered Questions

Date : 26th Feb 2014

It’s been years, but still, the questions remain unanswered. What was she protecting me from? What haven’t I understood about her? And most importantly why did she leave me?

But before these questions, came that moment in my life when everything stopped. The day I saw you for the first time. That moment is engraved in my heart like a Michelangelo’s sculpture. I couldn’t believe that this could happen, especially to me. Writing 10,000 lines of code used to make my day. But everything changed after I saw you. You became my wake up call and lullaby of night.

Every time you smiled at me, my heart explodes with the thought of you at my side. I enjoyed each moment I spend with you like there won’t be any tomorrow. Some of those memories are still fresh, as when they were first created. Your voice surrounds my ears. Some of the conversation were so crazy that it could make anyone go mad.

I became fixated by your presence; the whole world seemed meaningless to me. I became part of a dream world, which you helped me create. This world was perfect in all sense, as it was based upon an image of you.

But I never knew that this won’t last forever, It was what I wished for, but as Murphy’s Law states “anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. There was an explosion and everything crashed. My whole world collapsed because of a small fight. We drifted apart from each other that there was no coming back. Each time I tried to bridge the gap, you made walls to protect me from your problems. The ones that we could have solved together. You said:

You misunderstood me. I never promised to be a part of your dream world. You should never call me again.”

I was devastated hearing these words. My whole world collapsed within second.

Years have passed and I am still trapped in the limbo, waiting to saved. And in all these years, my search for the unanswered questions continues.