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Its good to be honest but I think that the timing, who you are speaking to and how you handle it is important.

I would not have mentioned the doctors appointment unless the company specifically asked me for a reason. If they are fine with you taking an hour off for personal reasons, I can see how they would say they don’t need the details. I would not have taken it as a slap on the hand but just as information as to whats important to the company. Infact, I would have been happy that they trust me.

For the other examples, I think its just a case of dealing with bad recruiters/management. Specifically, for the relocation one and culture fit, I think you dodged a bullet. Imagine, if you would have joined either of them and then had to deal with that kind of BS.

My question is that lets say you are dishonest to get hired/ahead wouldn’t being around people who are not honest, suck

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