How to use LinkedIn to generate leads for your business

You have a Linkedin and use it to make relevant professional connections, but there’s more to it. You can use it to enhance reach among your potential customers, create a mailing list and yes! generate leads for your business. By giving thirty minutes daily you can do all of this to support your efforts of growing your business.

Here’s how you can use Linkedin to support your business.

  1. Visiting Linkedin profiles of your targeted niche: Linkedin has a company search option with a list of filters, just filter to list your target profiles and visit their profiles, what happens is whenever you visit a profile, Linkedin notifies the person you visited and it generates a curiosity that results in people visiting your profile. Make sure you make the most of this by optimising your profile description, you can also include a link to your prevailing offer or a simple description of your business with a link to your explainer video

2. You can automate this process in 2 simple steps

  • Search and filter to list the relevant list of prospects
  • On chrome right click — go to Inspect — click on console and paste this code and press


2. Join and interact with groups: Start joining groups relevant to your industry and start start a discussion every week, answer to the problems and issues posted by the members. Offer your white paper in exchange for their email address and use those to build your mailing list and in your retargeting ads. Recognise people who regularly engage with the content or post frequently, message them personally to ask for a guest post or interview them for a guest post or a podcast.

3.Hunt for Emails of prospects : Most linkedIn profiles have their email listed under the contact info. You can use this info to build a mailing list of your own. What’s better than that is there are two tools that will make this process way easier for you.

Use Email Hunter to extract the emails of your prospects and ReplyApp that automates your sales outreach emails, you can also have email templates for automatic follow-ups

if the person does not reply.

4.Save prospects details to a CRM: Another way to systematically collect leads is to save those to this amazing social CRM You can use this to keep a track and save information of the prospect like their twitter handle (if made public by the user) email to keep a track of cold, warm or hot leads. This also has a seamless integration with Gmail, Google Drive and Google calendar. This is a freemium tool.

5.Export your connections: Linkedin makes it super easy to export your connections. The simple strategy here is to extract your connections, make a subscriber list on mailchimp and pitch your trial account or a special offer. Whatever your objective be, this approach is much more effective than updating your social status multiple times a day.

Just go to the keep in touch options in the connections menu and go to the settings option to extract your connections as a CSV file. Use the import list option and upload the CSV file to a free mailchimp account and start emailing your prospects.

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