All you need to know about Agate Rough Stones

Agate is a micro crystalline quartz semi precious stone. Agate improves the physical wellbeing, spiritual growth, and keeps your mood fresh. The agate is formed from the deposits of silica from ground water in the cracks of igneous rocks. Agate is found in a wide range of colors, such as white, red, brown, gray, pink, yellow, and black.

The different colors are naturally composed due to impurities and transpire as alternating bands. Agates are used as gemstones for thousands of years and is one of the earliest stones purchased for fashion by the people. They are present as cabochons, beads, paperweights, bookends, small sculptures, and functional objects.

Agate gemstones are popularly used as rings, pendants, earrings, and other jewelry objects. The agate beads are clustered into necklaces and earrings. Agate is generally inexpensive and is very hard. The agate jewelry is tumbled with jasper and with different quartz varieties. Agate jewelry has uniqueness in their patterns followed by different attractive colors. The professional agate stone dealers use dye colors to create beautiful colored patterns, as agate is a porous material that accept dye color easily.

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