Innovative ways to use Tumble Stones

Tumble stones are considered to be very fashionable items. Several people possess these colorful stones and they certainly have their reasons. Some people boast of having a huge collection of tumble stones.

Tumble stones are usually nothing but natural minerals. They appear attractive because they get tumble polished very intensely and this is how they receive a magnificently smooth and shiny surface. These stones get the finishing touch in a way that they turn out to be comfortable to hold and simultaneously look aesthetically pleasing.

Well, there are numerous ways in which you can use tumble stones, all you need is a bit of creativity. Read on to know a few ideas suggested by the experts from Ankur Gems to use Tumble Stones:

  • Ornaments: These pretty stones are extensively used to make colorful ornaments. These stones get creatively cut into tiny pieces of various shapes in order to make exquisite jewel pieces. You can find these ornaments in almost all the colors and the best part is that they are quite affordable too!!
  • Decorations: What can be better than colorful stones when it comes to innovative ways to showcase your creativity while doing various kinds of decorations? These days tumble stones are very popular decorative items. You can paste them on walls to make beautiful designs or you can just fill them in a glass jar to make a cute showpiece.
  • Lucky charms: A lot of people believe in the power of colorful stones. They pick the stones in their lucky colors and consider them to be their lucky charms. Some people keep these stones in their pockets while going for exams or important interviews. The surprising thing is that a quite a huge percentage of people claim that it works!
  • Healing Aura: An aura stone is a tumbled, polished, usually somewhat larger stone that is specifically used in healing layouts to align and repair out of balance energy flows that affect the aura. They are also used extensively in Crystal Grid layouts that are focused on feelings and emotional issues that affect the auric health and spirit.

At Ankur Gems, we encourage you to use and benefit from the energies of these stones. Here every stone is hand selected. We do purchase lots of stones, but some are physically damaged, and some seem to be spiritually lacking, with dull, or defective energy auras. Only stones that are physically and spiritually alive and undamaged are used at the Crystal Vaults. You are assured of high energy, and powerful Life Force in each of our polished stones.