Have you ever felt like no matter what you do, there never seems to be enough money to save? First, a big chunk of your paycheck goes to taxes. Then, you have to part with half of your remaining income each month just to pay rent. If you’ve started a family, you’re now spending another 10%-20% of your household income on child care — making you wonder if it was even worth going back to work. And you’re afraid to check your mailbox since the only letters you get anymore are spammy ads and medical bills you didn’t even know…

It’s a process all too familiar. You finally find an affordable apartment to rent, and then right before you move in, the landlord demands that you cough up a security deposit, forcing you to find another full month’s rent in cash that will be held hostage for the duration of the lease. Even if you’re lucky enough to get it all back when you move out, you’ll likely be forced to hand it over to your next landlord — keeping these savings locked away indefinitely. …

What if I told you that in the coming year, the coolest brands will be competing for the attention of baby boomers, not millennials? Or that new apartments in cities like NY will be half the rent you’re paying now? Or even that checking your fertility will be as easy as swiping right?

At the turn of the year, I sat down with our Kairos board and team to map out the big changes we expect to see in 2018.

We had recently challenged Silicon Valley to find new solutions for life stages where we could all use a little…

Silicon Valley has forgotten to solve problems for everyday people and the backlash is coming

A $700 juicer. A delivery app that lets you pay $10 to get your $8 burrito faster. An app to valet your car.

These are the kinds of innovation that Silicon Valley has recently poured billions into building. Our industry that once was lauded for bright, young talent taking on the world’s biggest problems now seems to be forgetting about the people that need solutions most. Over $160bn in venture capital are going into startups each year — and yet most of the new innovation is driven by the latest hype cycle, not the real problems we face.

If there’s…

Ankur Jain

Ankur is the founder of Kairos, an organization that builds and funds companies tackling the world’s biggest challenges.

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