Humans ! Are We ?

A terrified daughter calling her father on her approaching death , an artist and philanthropist who refused to recite Holy Quran just to please the self proclaimed agents of religion , a friend who refused to abandon his friends in the face of death and a lot more lives lost in the pretext of defending religion .

Religion which has somehow become greater than humanity , Religion which has somehow become the tool of bloodshed , Religion which can somehow tolerate a hungry kid but not tolerate even a slightest comment against it . No my case is not against god . It is against the so-called protectors of god . Who has given them this right and what makes them responsible for protecting it ? Is their interpretation of the holy books the only one ? Is the concept of peaceful coexistence so alien to them that they can’t accept the existence of other faiths ? Are they so obsessed that even the idea that god can be attained by multiple means in various ways offend them so much that they can slit a throat or shoot an innocent person point blank ? I won’t quote an example because my examples might be labelled with a religion but whenever I read a religious story I was filled with the appreciation for the bravery these depicted . And somehow despite all the courage and resilience that these holy books have taught us one still use them as an pretext to murder an innocent , unarmed human being . Human being — has this word completely lost its meaning ? Even the deadliest snakes don’t kill their species so easily . It hurts to see how blind some of our fellow humans are . All those years of bloodshed and exploitation in the name of race and religion has taught them nothing . Humanity is bleeding white with the pain people like these have inflicted over years and yet some are still cutting her .

The weaponization of ideology is not new . The Crusades , invasion of native Americans by the Spanish , The Roman assault on Barbarians all these had a hint of racial segregation in them . In Fact most of the imperialist countries justified their actions in the name of ‘civilizing’ the natives and showing them the true light of God . It is a strange coincidence that most of these powers have called the natives ‘savages’. And even more outrageous was their expectation that their actions would be justified and appreciated by the natives . An ancient native american saying I read long ago depicts the pain these suffer -

when you people came to our land , it was not with open arms

but with bibles and guns and disease , you took our land

you killed us with your guns and disease , then had the arrogance to call

us godless savages . If there is Heaven and it is filled with

Christians then hell is the place for me .

And when one uses his religion(Christianity in the above case ) to suppress another all he manages to do is to defame it and spread hatred against it . So in a way these devout servants are actually the biggest enemies of their faith . Faith means belief from within so how on earth a Kalashnikov going to induce it ? Beats any reasonable mind and yet time and again this ideological warfare has seen its time .

And the worst part is that it is never these religious preachers who take up arms to fight for their faith . No I don’t think they even have the courage to do so . May be they know how absurd their own reasoning is . All they do is to use the religion to brain wash some gullible minds into doing their dirty deeds . In a way they are nothing but businessman and it can easily be said that they have been quite successful . The sad thing is that in course of flourishing their business , they don’t hesitate to kill innocent humans . But I guess they have every right to be rejoiceful . After all many amongst us keep the concept of religion above everything . And by doing so we make ourselves cannon fodder for them . Rather than teaching our kids our great our own religion is , Wouldn’t it be better if we can teach them how great the human spirit is and how important it is to appreciate and tolerate each other’s existence .

But I guess their is still some time till this ideal world is realized . It is not that we have not improved but we have a long way to go. Till then all we can do is to clear our mind and not let these shallow and outrageous ideologies alienate the spirit of compassion and humanity within us . No matter what a book says we will always be one bonded together by something created by god himself . We share this earth and the only way to survive it is to do this peacefully . We can choose to cut each other but eventually we would realize that we need each other . Our religion might be important to us and We should respect that but it is not something that define us . Our humanity defines us and its about that we bring these deep buried feeling upfront . Till then I would pray not to the god but to the indomitable human spirit . Pray that it comes out and enlighten us . My heart goes out to the dead as I i conclude this article . Lets hope that they are the last lives lost in this hollow cause .

Religion is for people who are afraid of going to hell

Spirituality is for those who have already been there