The Confession of a Man

Had John Milton written Paradise Lost today he wouldn’t have needed biblical references for his ‘Hell’. The land that I have created for myself would have given him ample enough . As I try to stroll through the dusty road I realize what I have been left with . The layers upon layers of dust telling me the story of my failure and greed . My own selfishness in putting my comfort above everything . I had everything well , may be not everything but didn’t i have enough ? And yet in my over zealousness i began crossing my limits and began justifying my actions in the name of utilizing my intellect .

I was obsessed with myself and thought that all this is for me . If god had any other plans why he would have gifted me with these visions ? My buildings got higher and my vehicles got fast and with each level that I attained i pushed the ground further down . The trees who have been nurturing my kind for thousands of years , I cut them down without a second thought . I ran to Himalayas to find seclusion and peace and thought that this made me realize the beauty of the nature . But I failed to realize that as I was exploring these new places , I was infesting them with my presence and soon these too will bear the brunt of my shameless interference . I used to think that I am a social animal but my actions speak otherwise . I am not social and certainly not an animal . I am more of a parasite who infects its host for its sheer existence.

And I am not just irresponsible , my head is filled to brim with my arrogance . I have achieved so much and claim to know much more about universe than my forefathers and yet I blind myself to a plain fact that this earth is my only home and I have no alternative to it and if somehow I survive the consequences of my madness , my children might not be so lucky . But I don’t care as long as there are air conditioned cars taking me to my cool office places. And if somehow a city becomes unbearable for me I would dump it and run away somewhere else . May be the social boundaries that we used to have earlier provided a reason to maintain our abode. We thought that because we have to spend our whole life here lets take care of it . But I , a global citizen , have no such restraints . I can move wherever i want , live wherever I want and ruin whatever I want . And when I don’t like a scenario I start blaming the government. As if the government is run my aliens. I am either obese or malnourished and yet I think that I am creating a better life for myself. What a comical thought when both my gym and hospital bills are constantly going up. I have desire to live and I try to create the best life for myself. A noble thought indeed , well not so much because I don’t care if my life is taking somebody else’s . How often do I think that the smoke gushing out of my car might be inhaled by somebody ? How often do I think that the corals I am paying so much to watch are getting depleted everyday by the plastic I throw ? How often do I think that those long excursions I take on mountains are leaving a huge dump behind ? Never , actually .

I have a theory for my behavior . It is as the old saying goes ‘Power Corrupts . Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely’ . When I was uncivilized and ignorant I felt powerless . Then I used to rely on earth for my sustenance. That made me love it and fear it just like i love and fear my parents. Whatever it gave me I felt grateful and thanked it with open arms . But once I got hold of power I went mad . I stopped loving and began ruling the earth. And there was no stopping me . I asked forgiveness for my sins but kept committing them . I never said it openly but I considered myself god .

And there I went wrong . All this self obsession and blindness has landed me at a place where there is no turning back . Now a little realization is striking me but too late it came . And soon I will be buried under these layers of sand that I have created . My rotten flesh would be left uneaten . And the mother earth while silently crying for the loss of her son would be smiling for the first time since my birth

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