Better to be a Nobody than be a Stupid Somebody

Lately we are seeing this trend that anybody can be divided into 2 categories…

1) Either they serve India (a nationalist)

2) Or they don’t. (someone evil)

How stupid it is. Don’t you see? No one serves anyone, we all do what we do for our own reasons & conscience.

Also that implicit bias that if a person is in army or in cricket must be revered!!! Seriously? Look at the stupidity. Aren’t we the ones who keep saying that we all are equal? If you think that someone is superior because of their work or their positions… please go and revere them for all we care. Just don’t impose it on us.

Your biases, your insecurities in life, your conditionings. Live them if you want to, don’t force it on others. Be in bondage but let others be free. I don’t think that an army man or a Sachin is superior to me. I don’t even believe in flags. I am not a madmen. Maybe you don’t deem yourself worthy at all to consider yourself an equal. Maybe you have lost your individuality. You can’t identify yourself. You can’t describe who you are, without telling about your jobs, about your nationality, about your money… You go on and on.

Stop doing that. Introspect. We are more than our labels. We are before our labels, we are beyond them. Only thing that we are not is that we are not our labels. So, start today. Become a nobody instead of becoming one among the herd.

That would be one step closer to sanity and truth. :)

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