The best multi terminals app — “Tilix”

Developer, System Admin, DevOps engineer and Linux lover likely to work with terminal most. With Ubuntu / Arch with default, terminals are more features reach nowadays but there were a missing feature multi terminals in a single window to manage open terminal and watch updates on terminals. Thank you to Tilix.

I am a developer and Linux lover, I am developing a micro-services based project. I need to focus more than one terminal to check request and logs for each service. Today I found the app from the online blog. the app Tilix had helped a lot and mad my day easy.


  1. Muti-terminals
  2. Themes and colors customisation
  3. Resize / auto adjust frame
  4. Notification when process completed
  5. Password wallet
  6. Profile

Here how you can install the app on your linux.

For Ubuntu 17.10 and 18.04 LTE
sudo apt install tilix
For other Ubuntu version
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/terminix
sudo apt update
sudo apt install tilix
For Arch Linux
pacman -S tilix
For CentOS its available on COPR manager.

Once you start the tilix terminal app. It will give you a error. Here how to over ride the error.

Error on startup

Create a soft link of application script to point in /etc

ln -s /etc/profile.d/ /etc/profile.d/

Now, paste the following code into ~/.bashrc (at the end of the file)

if [ $TILIX_ID ] || [ $VTE_VERSION ]; then         
source /etc/profile.d/

Change Themes and Colours

From menu select > preference

Select profile ‘default’ > Select ‘color’ tab

Select your color schema or customise color what ever you like.


CTRL + SIFT + X — Toggle Maximise Minimise active terminal
ALT + <number> — Switch between panels/terminals
CTRL + SHIFT + T — New Session
CTRL + Page Down — Previous Session window
CTRL + Page Up — Next Session window


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