Fill in the Blanks — Life is a ___________.

Your unconscious definition of life is making you operate in certain ways. The question to ask yourself— is it working?

How do you define life?

I mean.. not in a philosophical way but what is the meaning you’ve associated with life?

See here’s the thing… the way our brain works is that it gives a certain meaning to all the things around us — whether it’s our experiences, our relationships, our work, etc.

“My job sucks.” — This person has associated a painful experience to work. So, biologically his brain is being wired to make him feel that working for somebody else involves pain.

Compare it to this — “My job challenges me and helps me to grow.” Now this person is interpreting his job as something that stretches him and helps exercise his mind. I bet this guy will go on to take on many challenges that life throws at him and overcome it.

Oh, wait. Sorry I got a bit off tangent here.

Let’s get back to my first question. How do you define life?

The reason I’m asking you is because just like the job example, you have unconsciously associated a meaning to life. And that mental metaphor is influencing your daily activities. Your unconscious interpretation of life is making you operate the way you are currently operating.

Let me give you some examples.

1. Life is a test — That’s Donald Trump’s mantra on life. You either win first place or you lose. This thought will stress me out — the one of always having to win. But let’s be honest — losing does suck. So what do we do?

Before I give you that answer, let’s see some more examples.

2. Life is tough — I’ve heard a lot of people say this. Most of them are struggling financially. Can you see a connection here? Could it be that when people think life is tough, their brain says to them — “You better be prepared or you’ll fail.”

The peeps who don’t prepare (i.e. zero savings) end up repeating that in their head that life is tough because they failed.

3. Life is a competition — This one might be good if you’re competing with yourself as this meaning helps you to never be comfortable and keep stretching. But could this also plant the seed in your brain that there are other people you have to beat… that there could only be one winner.

4. Life is a theater/stage — These are the folks who are here to perform and aspire to hit it big in Hollywood.

5. Life is a bitch — these are the complainers, I tend to not hang out with them anymore.

I hope you got some idea of what I’m trying to explain here.

So what is your definition of life?

Here’s mine — Life is an Experiment.

Let me explain.

In a science experiment, you have a hypothesis, you have variables, you have experimental methodologies.

You conduct the experiment for a certain period and then draw conclusions. If you didn’t get the desired results, you tweak some variables and then get at it again with a 2nd, 3rd, 4th and nth experiment.

Off course, I try to generate a hypothesis based on some past literature/experience research.

But basically, when you think of life as an experiment, you can go on from doing experiments after experiments without having to suffer the mental agony of pain or failure.

See it sucks when you say to yourself, “I failed” or “This is painful.”

This is what my brain says when I don’t get the desired results.

“Okay, according to the conclusion, you’ve got to tweak some variables and then get at the experiment again. You’ll eventually get there.”

I’ve had this discovery recently about my interpretation of life. Now as I look back at my story -

  • Losing over 50lbs of unwanted body fat
  • Healing my chronic lower back pain of 2 years without pharmaceutical drugs
  • Building muscles and getting six-pack abs without a gym membership or hoping from diet-to-diet
  • Being conned in the real estate business
  • Living in abandoned buildings for a week and surviving on free food from the church and foodbank
  • Overcoming $30,000 of credit card debt
  • Working at a liquor store for $6 an hour
  • Overcoming manic depression
  • Working on my startup for a year before shutting it down

Throughout all these experiences, just this one shift in my psychology… that life is an experiment has helped me to coast through some challenging moments by getting me to tweak around with some variables. Just because the results from that experiment weren’t along my hypothesis.

See.. I got into the real estate business because that was my experiment to make a lot of money. I won’t say that my hypothesis was totally wrong because I have met respected people who became successful in the real estate market.

But during my real-estate-experiment, as it turned out.. one of my variables was just totally out of whack from the beginning. My business partner was a psychopathic con man and a wanted felon.

Anyways.. I’m saying all of this to challenge you to be aware of how you’ve been interpreting your life as and operating with it.

Maybe you’re trying to make some changes but your definition of life is not supporting that change.

So what’s your mental definition of life?

Because that is also how you’ve been operating in different areas.

If you’re not liking certain results, maybe you could give a shot at a new definition and assess its results after a certain time period.

Since for me, life is an experiment, some of the experiments that I’m currently doing are -

  • The Sub 8% Body Fat Experiment— I’m working to go at sub-8 levels without going to the gym or going on a crazy diet. Started at 9.64% and now at 8.16% in 2 weeks. Cold showers kicks ass!
  • The Robinhood Experiment — Not the heroic outlaw from the English folklore. But the stock trading/investing app with zero fees. My experiment is to 3x my portfolio by the end of this year. I started with 500 bucks in March 2016 and now am at $8k. 2017 is going to be an interesting ($$$) ride.
  • The PMO (Porn → Masturbation → Orgasm) Experiment— I’ve struggled with porn addiction and I don’t hesitate to talk about it out in the open. While I feel self-aware that I’m over the addiction phase now, I am yet to go clean for 30-day straight. I’ve relapsed in the past with a max of 10 days with no PMO. 
    So now I’m doing an experiment to quantify the results of what happens if I do a PMO fasting, how does it affect my finances? Wanna join me in the experiment, click here →
  • The 10-Day Mental Diet Experiment — In this experiment, I’m not allowed to basically spend more than 60–90 seconds on negative, disempowering emotions. I immediately have to change my state. Today is day 4 and I’m already seeing some results.
  • The Boner-No-Boner Experiment — I started this experiment after reading Dr. Kelly Starrett’s chapter on Tools of Titans
    So far, it’s Boner 17 — 2 No-Boner.
  • The REM/Non-REM Sleep Experiment — I’m experimenting to determine the best sleeping conditions for my lifestyle, in my apartment so as to get the maximum deep sleep within 7 hours.

For all these experiments, I have a hypothesis each, and then some parameters I’m tweaking around with. Since you’re reading this far, I’ll make sure to keep you updated on the results.

Oh and I totally forgot about this another experiment.

This is a Health & Fitness Habits experiment where my hypothesis is that if people build certain habits and make those actions automatic, they will burn fat, build muscles, and get in the best shape of their life without even trying. You can read more about it here →

Cheers for reading all the way till the end. Create an awesome day!

— Ankurman

P.S. If you want to get in the best shape of your life this 2017, check out my Fat-Me :( to Fit-Me :) Challenge here →.

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