A laptop and a mouse on a desk
A laptop and a mouse on a desk

With over 100 core product offerings and solution capabilities, PayPal has no dearth of products for small and medium businesses (SMB). We have such a diverse portfolio that a merchant can run their business with PayPal; from setting up the checkout button on their website, to generating invoices, to receiving payouts completely online.

On average, an SMB merchant uses several PayPal products on a daily basis after they successfully onboard with us and start using the merchant platform. But for many merchants, the post-onboarding experience wasn’t as seamless as it could have been.

We improved our post-onboarding experience. We made…

In this day and age when front-end space is moving incredibly fast, it’s pretty common where by the time you do your R&D, choose your framework, build your app and release to production, it’s already obsolete! At the same time, it’s imperative to build PoCs with the new, bright and shiny out there and see if it makes sense or performs better in your use case.

This read is useful for those who are looking for a strategy to migrate large production Angular apps to React but can’t move forward because of the pain and time consuming process of re-writing…

Ankur Tiwari

Staff Engineer @PayPal

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