Reading books has always been difficult for me. Like for any other habit, I have forced myself to read books for months wishing I’ll eventually be able to like reading books, but unfortunately it hasn’t happened yet.

It is not that I don't like books, It's just that it always occupies a lower position in the list of things I do, and sometimes there’s no time left after office, workout, sleep and play. I even tried taking books to office/college but it just never worked out.

Meanwhile, I was struggling with books, somebody told me about Amazon Audible where you…

Setting up a Kafka cluster for a production environment is no trivial task. There are so many configurations, settings, and decisions to be taken that it’s quite difficult to understand all of them up front. Even though after going through entire confluent documentation and reading everything available about the best practices, you are bound to make mistakes and spend days, if not weeks pondering over what is going wrong and why is the cluster so unstable.

Documentation provided by confluent is indeed very good and contains everything you’ll ever need to set up a cluster. …

In most simple words, Page caching is a mechanism used by Linux Kernal wherein instead of writing/reading directly from a secondary disk, it transparently reads and writes to and from the unused portions of RAM and thereby improving performance and decreasing the number of much slower disk IO operations.

Amount of RAM currently used as page cache is indicated by the cache/buff column of the free -m command.

Ankur Rana

Be careful what you wish for

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