Hearing Dean Bill Boulding at Reunion- Team fuqua is a way of working — we can draw the hearts and minds of other people to get a consequence.team fuqua defined in 4 words

Energizing — do inspired work

Humble — humility is distinctive. We are serving others. How can i help u and how can i make something that is bigger than all of us

Fuqua can lead the way about this kind of leadership

Grit — humble not soft. Unbelievably hard working and unbelievably ambitious for the success of the organization.

Happy — happy mba students. How is that possible? Enjoy the environment of serving others and therefore like other people around you. Aristotle’s definition. In an environment where everyone is helping me get better and achieve my full potential why I won’t be happy.

Call to action — send the best students, help with providing insights and wisdom to current students and the opportunities, send more resources (money) to attract star faculties, spread the word not just by mouth but through your actions towards being leaders of consequence!