Eshopbox Commerce Platform: Advanced Features and Functionality

The online shopping industry has dramatically changed. With the rise of multi- channel retailing, online shoppers have become more sophisticated, and savvier than ever before. Brand Retailers operating a multi-channel commerce strategy are constantly faced with new challenges and changes in consumer expectations. Eshopbox Ecommerce Platform allows retailers to seamlessly manage advanced commerce strategies across multiple digital touchpoints. Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology provides retailers with an agile and scalable platform that has been specifically designed for rapid deployment.

Eshopbox Commerce Platform includes a rich suite of features including: product merchandising, catalog management, advanced shopping cart and payment processing, dynamic promotions, SEO, and mobile commerce. Our cloud-based Commerce Platform allows brands to quickly turn on the latest features and upgrades, providing a future proof solution.

Product & Catalog Management

Eshopbox Catalog Manager provides the ultimate management tool suite – providing advanced control over where products are displayed and how promotions are presented. Our robust Product Attribute Manager allows retailers to harness complex product data to effectively display their merchandise to online shoppers along with provisions to drive increased online sales and loyalty with dynamic features including: ratings and reviews, top products, product bundling, dynamic cross-sell and upsell engine, image zoom-in and much more.

Manage Effective Promotions

Our dynamic promotions management tool allows retailers to schedule, launch, and track the success of their online promotions. Brands can manage any type of promotional campaign, including email coupons, free shipping, product bundles and more. Advanced promotional coupons can automatically be injected into the shopping cart or redeemed by the customer. Brands leverage our pre-built integrations with third party marketing apps, backend reports and web analytics to track the success of their promotions and make actionable decisions based on the results.

Advanced Checkout and Payment Processing

Online consumers are now gravitating towards eCommerce channels that are simple and easy to use. Eshopbox’s industry-leading shopping cart and payment processing systems provides customers with safe and secure payment options. Brands can implement advanced-security payment alternatives, such as 3D Secure and Direct Debit. Reduce cart abandonment with our carefully developed checkout system that allows customers to rapidly complete their online purchases without any technical hassles.

Global Ecommerce

Accelerate brands global growth strategies with provision to sell and merchandise in almost every major language, select multiple cultures and store them in a single product data repository while adjusting to regional languages and dialects. Global currency automatically adapts product prices into local currencies. Global tax makes managing taxes simple, providing real-time local tax calculations. Global payment supports complex international payment requirements.

Mobile Ecommerce

Mobile commerce solutions that extend the power and flexibility of our Eshopbox platform to any mobile device. Our mobile commerce platform leverages the latest industry best practices, providing full customizability in design, real-time content updates, complete product data and attributes, 1-click checkout, wish lists, separate pricing and promotions, personalized content areas, and more.

Eshopbox Commerce Solution delivers

  • Scalable commerce solution providing customer-centric shopping experiences
  • Rich marketing, promotional and merchandising capabilities
  • Complete responsive cross-channel content syndication
  • Global content management, enterprise publishing and centralized product catalogs

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