GSoC Wrap Up

Last Chapter

Its here, the final chapter of my Google Summer of Code Journey 2018. What a fascinating time it was. It was absolutely very motivating and knowledge gaining period in a lot of sense. I had this great opportunity to be mentored and work under two amazing mentors. I would like to thank everyone involved with me in this journey of mine. To be very honest, GSoC sits at the top of my achievements list and I’m humbled by every association with it.

There were complications since some of things were very new to me, but from the help I got from my mentors I overcame all the issues and met most of the goals of my GSoC project. I sometimes got behind the deadline but there’s a thing about open source, it somehow motivates you. Here, I am signing off GSoC’18 , with a substantial volume of code.

Work done in this period

I changed the project rendering in Hackweek such that every project has an equal chance to get viewed by devs. Now, views would also be a criteria while listing of projects. So, the projects with lowest likes+views will be at top, such that every projects will get equal attention ❤.
I also implemented the mailer method which will send e-mails to user about their new notifications.

You can find all the Pull requests and Commits authored by me in the Hackweek project by visiting the links above^.

Closing remarks

All of this was possible due to constant efforts, resilience and a lot of slacking :P. A big shout out to my parents and friends for always motivating me, wouldn’t be possible without you all.

In the end, I specially thank my mentors , David Kang and Stella Rouzi again. For helping me out in GSoC, wherever I needed help.

I started my Open Source about 5~6 months before GSoC and openSUSE was my first organization of in Open Source world in my journey. I believe google successfully achieved its goal to inspire at least me for contribution in open source. From here on out I will continue contributing in open source world with openSUSE and many other organizations which will come in my OS journey in future.