How my GSoC project is going

Ankush Malik
Jul 8, 2018 · 3 min read
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did you? haha xD

So, Second phase is near over. Also I successfully passed my first evaluation(as you can see below ^_^). Now its time to tell how my gsoc project is going.

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Thank you!! :)

As I explained in my previous post, my project(Hackweek)’s main objective is to improve the user collaboration in the app.

First half of project went well :-) . I already implemented various changes to the application for improving it like Adding Emoticons, Improving the markdown editors of app, Improvising Replies, Adding similar projects section and Notifications.

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A glimpse of Project’s show page so far.

Implementing AJAX functionality in RoR apps was somewhat a little weaker skill of me. Now, during the first half already, I implement AJAX functions multiple times so now I am a little bit more confident than before whenever I have to think about implementing such function/features.

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Also, may be the important thing which I learned so far is better coding style. Before, GSoC I used to develop features in whatever way I felt easy and never cared about good practices or better coding style. Which was okay for me until those project’s codebase got larger. I really liked the way how my mentors were always helpful and responsive for my doubts and they always give me feedbacks on how I can improve my code as this was something very new to my earlier style of coding.

For the Second half,

I am planning to complete the notification feature(e-mailing them to project watcher) and various other features like showing stats of hackweeks, Activity feed. I have somewhat lesser experience with ActionMailer and ruby gem related to mailing/other features,etc. So, this could be said as a challenge for my second half. I had already implemented the a very basic prototype of this feature once before so lets hope for the best :)

So, just hoping everything goes well in my project further, I get to learn more and improve my coding style further :)

OpenSUSE rocks! Open Source rocks!

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Please find the appropriate link below should anyone choose to view my code/progress or have a social conversation.

GitHub | Twitter | Email

See you on my next blog post…

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