Ankur Warikoo

This is like those 3D scales / rulers we used to get as return gifts as children. Different people look at it from different angles and see different colors. The only difference is that the world or the company you’re building is a grey colored scale. Some will see the white in grey, some see the black. You cannot control what you make people see, because they will see it from their own perspectives (their own angle) which will be be driven by their idiosyncratic circumstances and belief systems.

Some will see the white and find encouragement,others will see the black and feel threatened. But both will be driven (either out of love or out of fear) to give it their best. And only those who are driven (either ways) will survive to succeed.

So don’t worry about the world our children are growing in. It has been, and will always be ‘grey’. But we can shape their minds (or at least try to) to see the white, and be driven by it :)

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