How a single conversation with my boss changed my view on delegation and failure
Margaret Gould Stewart

Delegate … This is what the modern management and leadership always says. There are risks involved for delegating and not delegating the work especially when you know that it is going to impact you a lot in the case of delegation failure.

Delegation always comes with the responsibility, and the responsibility is the major factor for the leadership. So overall building the leadership in the team should resolve the problem. I went through the same scenario like you and my solution was almost the same with the micro management, for all the small tasks I dedicated the leader, their leadership worked well while working on the task but failed badly while working with the other other members, I spotted the root cause — It was the leadership maturity problem. Issues with the human nature of individual leadership with Ego. We could resolve this again resolved it with the some more level of delegation. I was expecting the simplicity of the Micro Level Delegation and it ended up with the Complex solution with the effective output.

TL;DR; Delegation of the work is the effective way for the getting things done.