Life , it’s complexity and How to be positive during the crisis?

Life is very complex and the more I try to understand it, the more complicated it becomes. I spend my most of the time with books and trying to understand the human behavior. After closely monitoring the life events I came up with the conclusion that we need to float the life like a paper on the water. Do not worry a lot, do not take the things too much seriously as at the end we realize that our 90% fears and worries are only in our mind.

I went through many ups and downs in the life. Until two years back even a small event in my life was causing lots of turmoils in my mind ending up with the no sleep and high blood pressure. During that period I started reading a book titled “The Monk Who sold His Ferrari” by Robin Sharma and one of the line that touched me is “Life is all about the dreams and achieving them by balancing life and work balance” .

We can not be successful if we are not feeling like we are successful
Many times we lose our life battles just because we loose the battle from our mind
We defeat internally so we defeat externally

During the crisis of my life I got more inclined towards spirituality and one of the most important thing I learn was “Accept everything” , Not accepting the situation makes it more difficult to live. the second step is to find the way come out of the crisis. There are no questions in the world without any answers. Take control of your life and be the leader of your life.

It is important to spend some time with yourself. Give at-least 60 minutes of your day time for you self. Yes! For yourself. 40 minutes for the walk of run and 20 minutes for the meditation. Close your eyes, let all the thoughts come , do not try to avoid them. Let them come and go.

In summary, Do not loose your hope if you are going through the crisis. Help your self and help others. The more positiveness you show the less difficult the situation will become.

If you come across crisis and willing to talk or are not able to find any solution, fell free to connect to me on twitter or Facebook or Instagram . I may be able to talk to you and help you find the solution for your problem.