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Why Muslims need to pay attention to these three words?

Dave Ramsey is a blessed Christian man who taught me, a Muslim, more about God and how He wants us to deal with money than any other Muslim I know. For one I spent a majority of my adult life in America so finding good resources for managing money in Islam is probably a little harder than in the Middle East or Asia. Secondly, I did not begin to research what the Quran and Sunnah say about managing money until now which is why I am writing this article. If you live in North America and have ever googled the words personal finance, Dave Ramsey will come up as arguably the most popular financial coach in the United States. His 7 baby step program is simple yet comprehensive. It is a call to action for every able minded person in America to change the way the spend their money. He calls people to fear God in relation to how they spend money and teaches them to control their money instead of letting their money control them.

My wife and I have taken his live class and have been amazed at the results. I was so inspired buy this that I wanted to take what I learned from Dave Ramsey and share it with Muslims.

We will be asked about our salaries, our income and our spending. I ask every Muslim reading this to ask themselves 3 questions.

  1. Am I 100% confident that every aspect and angle of my financial life; income, earnings, spending, savings, investments, home loan, credit cards, insurance, donations, etc. Is it all okay with Allah? In other words — If Allah was to audit me right now would Allah be pleased or saddened by what my money says about me?
  2. If I die today with my current financial snapshot will I have debt?
  3. How do I purify my wallet?

If you want to join me and hundreds and Inshallah thousands of Muslims who are tired of being debt slaves to this world please visit and join us in becoming Muslim Money Managers.

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