Chacha brings taste of home for Chinese community in New York at Spring Festival Flower Show

As China’s most beloved seeds and nuts brand, Chacha brought New Yorkers an authentic taste of Chinese New Year with the most popular snacks of the season at Spring Festival Flower Show on Jan 19 and 20, 2019. The event was also live-broadcasted by top Chinese social media influencers to a worldwide Chinese audience.

Like most major holidays around the world, food is central to Chinese New Year. The festival traditionally stretches over 15 days during which visits are made to friends and loved ones and good times are shared over cups of tea and an array of snacks. One of the quintessential snacks is Chacha roasted unshelled sunflower seeds. As sunflower seeds have become a modern icon of Chinese New Year, Chacha has released limited edition Chinese New Year packaging for the last 5 years to celebrate the joy of the festival. This year Chacha made their latest limited-edition collection available for US customers at the event.

Spring Festival Flower Shows are a tradition of Chinese New Year. They are held in communities around China just before the start of the lunar calendar year and are the ultimate destinations for picking up classic Chinese New Year gifts and to get into the mood of the festival season (think Christmas markets). The Spring Festival Flower Show is one of the key events on New York’s Chinese New Year celebrations calendar. This year during the show, live DJs and traditional Chinese performances provided lively entertainment for visitors while they shopped for a wide range of Chinese New Year foods, crafts, and gifts. It is particularly special for the local Chinese community, and Chacha’s Chinese New Year limited edition snack packs brought them the spirit of Chinese New Year through a taste of home.

Products showcased at the event included roasted sunflower seeds in classic flavors of spiced, salted, and coconut; and gourmet flavors Chinese pecan, and caramel. These seeds are grown on Chacha owned and operated farms in pristine Inner-Mongolia, then processed with the freshest Chinese herbs and ingredients to deliver superior flavor and health benefits.

Chacha baked potato crackers were also a hit, available in traditional flavors such as barbecue and original as well as more exotic flavors such as scallion and wasabi. Made from pure potato flour and containing no trans-fat, these are healthier alternatives to fried potato chips — an important distinction to make during the many tea visits to be had over the Chinese New Year period!

Chacha has been a trusted household brand with high-quality production standard in roasted nus industry for over 20 years as an industry leader in innovating delicious, healthy and nutritious snack foods and using the finest ingredients from China and abroad. Their products with certification to the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are sharinggood market in 43 countries across the US, Europe and Asia. Chacha fruit and nut mixes are garnering growing popularity among health-conscious consumers around the world. Chacha Small Yellow Bag of daily nuts has imported premium mixed nuts to find a balance between taste and health. Providing energy, protein, dietary fiver, sodium, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Iron and Zinc, the popular daily healthy snack pack is widely enjoyed by more people in Europeanand Americancountriesfor the convenience.

Chacha is proud to bring Chinese food culture to the world and this year the brand also rallied together a group of Chinese New Year food icons in an alliance to bring the tastes of Chinese New Year to the world. Through the alliance, Chacha hope to bring a taste of home to the global Chinese community and introduce the joys of China’s most beloved holiday to more friends around the world!