Mental Health Conditions Treated at Rehab in Thailand

Treatment for Depression and Addiction

The most common co-occurring disorder amongst addicts and alcoholics is depression. This can exist on a scale from mild to manic or bipolar.

Firstly the substance issue needs to be addressed as this alters the mood of the user. After their addiction is treated some people’s symptoms of depression disappear. For others the symptoms remain and require ongoing management.

Thai rehabs offer a range of depression treatment solutions which can be tailored to each individual. Some clients need to come off antidepressant medication whereas others need to stay on it. These decisions are made after careful consideration by our clinical team including our psychiatrist and in consultation with the client and their prescribing doctor.

Treatment for Anxiety and Addiction

Anxiety disorders are also relatively common among addicts and alcoholics. Stresses related to the consequences of addiction associated with family, work, finances or unresolved grief can bring on anxiety. Or it can be truly physiological in its origin. Whatever the cause this is a debilitating condition which is characterised by distorted thinking, fear and even panic attacks.

This is a complex area of addiction treatment because a whole range of factors are intertwined. Sometimes sufferers self-medicate to relieve their symptoms and others become addicted to the anxiety medications prescribed by their doctors.

Rehabs in Thailand treat both disorders concurrently and specially tailors the approach to address each individual’s unique needs. Our Clinical team are highly trained and experienced at providing effective anxiety treatment within a therapeutic community.

Other co-occurring conditions treated at addiction treatment clinics in Thailand include but are not limited to:

  • Bi-polar disorder
  • Borderline Personality disorder
  • Schizophrenia

Obsessive Compulsive disorder