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Citizens of Bettertopia

Today I want to show you the project of IC4DESIGN inc. It is a production consisting of Illustration and graphic design team. Based in Hiroshima, Japan.

Their project is called ​“BETTERTOPIA”. The idea of ​“BETTERTOPIA”​ is creating a better future city. To make more fun to viewers, they mixed old-school-future images especially inspired by 50's-70’s ideas. It reflects detail on the illustration itself, bright-colored buildings, curved shaped vehicles and so on. In addition, they also mixed old buildings to feel the warmth of the people living in the city.

I like such kind of pictures because there are so many details in them, so you want to examine each centimeter.

Now let’s play the game — find all these scenes on the picture above.

This is a video of the animated version of this picture, you can see in detail how people live in this great city:

What do you think about this project? Do you like such pictures?

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