Loading Indicators

by Ann Green, Content Manager at ClickHelp.com — professional technical writing tool

music player loading page by keen tang

Hey everyone! Here are some samples of loading animations that can make your Monday brighter.

Marvel loader by Murat Mutlu for Marvel
LOADING Animation — FREE Principle Download by Claudia Mardegan

Loader animation
by Alexandr Nohrin

Page Loading Animation by Margarita Ivanchikova for Icons8
Portfolio — loading screen & interactions by Stoian Nenchov in Portfolio
Loader animation #2 by Alexandr Nohrin
Loader Animation by TushiT for IndiaNIC
Loading Page Animation/Interaction by Nicolas Weisslinger
Loading Animation by Omer
Explore the rainforest loading screen by Ed Riwaldo
Loader by 415Agency
Loading Animation by Punna Jagadeesh
REBIS Loader by Uygar Aydın in REBIS
Smile loader for AI product design by Gleb Kuznetsov
Sci-Fi UI by Ramotion in FUI
Mobile Connectivity Test Concept by Shakuro in User Interface Design