Hardwood vs. Laminate Flooring: the Pros and Cons

If you have ever started home remodeling, then you know the dilemma between natural hardwood flooring and laminate flooring. The former is known to have better appearance and to be more eco-friendly, while the latter wins in terms of cost and maintenance needs. Yet there is more differences between these flooring types, than what you have already heard.

For old houses renovations people tend choosing natural hardwood floors in order to preserve homes appearance and old spirit. Newer houses with lower initial price are often finished with laminate flooring because it still is a more affordable option that also can offer a great old-school classy style. Regardless of what your preferences are, professional laminate floor installers name a number of differences between these flooring options, but the main three are price durability and maintenance needs. Below we compared hardwood and laminate flooring in these three categories to give you a general idea about the choice you face.

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Very often people don’t realize the true cost of the flooring desired. Most contractors operating within HireRush company say that in most cases the reality of true costs and paying ability of a customer is miles apart. Here are a few things to consider.

· Hardwood is made of natural harvested trees, so the price of the flooring will depend on how exotic these trees are. If compared to laminate flooring, hardwood is generally two-three times more expensive choice.

· Laminate is made of composite wood that is pressed together at high temperatures. Over this pressed wood you get the image of real hardwood placed over. This technology allows manufacturers use less natural wood and so make the final product significantly chapter. Furthermore, installation of laminate flooring is also on average 50% less than hardwood floors installation.

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Durability is measured in the amount of maintenance the flooring requires as well as amount of wear and tear it can withstand. More durable surfaces will take maintenance easier and look better for longer time.

· Hardwood floors are very susceptible to scratching and are afraid of excessive moisture that can destroy the whole flooring. It is not advised installing hardwood floors in heavily trafficked areas. Yet hardwood floors look amazing and can usually add considerable value to your home.

  • Laminate flooring, as you remember, is made from pressed wood. As a result it answers all questions regarding laminate flooring in terms of durability. It is scratches, moisture, wear and tear resistant and can hold for longer time than natural hardwood. Laminate flooring surfaces are also much easier to clean. Of course, laminate doesn’t look that great as natural hardwood, but in everything else connected to durability it wins.
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Any detail of your home sooner or later will require some maintenance and flooring is not an exception.

· Hardwood floors can be easily repaired by sanding any imperfections and refinishing the whole surface. This means that you can repair and renovate the same floor for ears. This makes hardwood the most appealing for young families.

· Laminate flooring is harder to repair. If your flooring comes in spall pieces then it would be easy to replace or repair only once of them. Should the laminate come in bigger pieces, be ready for continuous tortures with repairs.

In either case, hardwood or laminate will bring your home the look of real wood. When deciding on your home’s new flooring, be realistic about your budget and the goals you follow to choose the most appropriate flooring type.

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