My first blog as a new member …..HOPE SOME OF THEM CAN RELATE TO WHAT I WRITE….Because this is not just my experience , some of them out there too have the same..

Out of a relationship makes me feel free…I can atleast breath peacefully, after all that headache he caused me..I loved him more than anything..but I was betrayed, eventhough I begged him not to leave me stranded alone in my life…he didn’t listen to my words, which now turned out to be a blessing, as I remember those days were I had to lament each and every night….now that I don’t believe in relationships- because of him and because of all that I suffered - I want to lead a happy life alone, with no more shedding of tears and heart filled with sadness..When I look ahead I can see a bright future in front of me. What I have to do is, to choose the right path and the right steps to travel along that path. I left him and his memories behind, so that they never haunt me again. Now that I see he is happy without me, I feel more confident to stick on to my decisions.

My dear Friends OUT THERE…

Just give it a thought and have the courage to give it a try. Be who you are. Don’t change for someone else and don’t get hurt because you love that person the most. Listen to your heart and be mature enough to take the right decisions. Don’t let someone who doesn’t care about you spoil the essence and spirit of your life. You are the master of your life. Don’t let that one person destroy your happiness. Leave all those one’s and things behind, and start afresh.😊

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