An Open Letter from Tech Workers to DoorDash

Anna Geiduschek
8 min readFeb 28, 2019

(Tech workers, fill out this form to add your name. Supportive drivers and others, please sign here.)

$7 billion food delivery startup DoorDash is taking pay from people making close to minimum wage.

The way it works: DoorDash guarantees drivers a minimum payment for each delivery, but use tips to fulfill that minimum. If a user tips more, it doesn’t mean the worker gets paid more. DoorDash just pays less. The driver often won’t benefit from the tip at all, but can’t tell — DoorDash doesn’t disclose how much a user tipped on a given job.

From DoorDash FAQ:

For each delivery, you will always receive at least $1 from DoorDash plus 100% of the customer tip. Where that sum is less than the guaranteed amount, DoorDash will provide a pay boost to make sure you receive the guaranteed amount. Where that sum is more than the guaranteed amount, you pocket the extra amount.

Grocery delivery company Instacart, when recently exposed for similar pay practices, relented and updated their policies. However, DoorDash has doubled down. In a recent interview, CEO Tony Xu claimed that “in no way does DoorDash benefit economically from this model.” That’s a blatant lie when every dollar tipped means DoorDash makes more money, not drivers.

Last week, DoorDash closed another $400 million round of funding. Silicon Valley investors clearly don’t care that DoorDash cheats drivers — in fact, DoorDash is likely being rewarded for adopting practices that improve their profit margins and treats drivers unfairly.

However, investors do care that their startups can hire the best tech talent to help them execute on their mission.

We, current and future tech workers, have a message for DoorDash execs and investors: we will not work for you until you fix your pay practices.

This means you must:

  1. Set a pay floor of $15 for every active hour with an active job, after accounting for expenses like mileage and extra payroll taxes paid by contractors.
  2. Award user tips on top of pay — not deducted from it.
  3. Provide drivers more transparency, including a detailed breakdown of pay.

We see you, DoorDash, and we will not be quiet until you give your workers the respect and compensation they deserve.

(Tech workers, fill out this form to add your name. Supportive drivers and others, please sign here.)


Anna Geiduschek, Software Engineer, Dropbox

Kelsey James, Web Developer

Jonathan Reasor, Frontend Developer

Kristen Sheets, Student, Brandeis University 2020

Julio A Rios, Manufacturing Engineer, HPE

Meredith Whittaker, Researcher, Google

Sana Altaf, Innovation Designer

Alexander Mancevice, Software Engineer, CargoMetrics

Amr Gaber, Software Engineer, Google

Jeffrey Atkinson, Product Manager

Curtis Steckel, Software Engineer

Stephanie Parker, Policy, YouTube

Mark Dudley, Software Engineer, Google

Ari Laurel, Employee

Ben Packer, Software Engineer

Lily Ng, Student, Brandeis University / MS

Joshua Essex, CTO

Julia Dressel, Software Engineer, Recidiviz

Zade Gueble, Software Development Engineer, Axiom Law

Alden Mitchell, Product Manager

Carey Phelps, Machine Learning PM, Weights & Biases, Stanford 2015

Adina Shanholtz, SDE

Ranjan Pradeep, Software Engineer, Microsoft

Jason Prado, Software Engineer

Jordan Kessler, Recruiter

Matthew Watson, Software Engineer, Google

Laura Hunter, Software engineer , Collective Health

Andrew Schwartzmeyer, Software Engineer, Microsoft

Lucy Tobias, Recruiting

Marie Collins, Business Analyst, Google Inc.

Jess Peterson, Director of Planning , Stanford 2015 MSCS

David Wang, Software Engineer

Edward Grystar, Software Engineer

Jasper Dean, Data Analyst, Twitter

Annelise Smith, User Studies Program Coordinator, Facebook Reality Labs via Filter

Nisha Pillai, Software Engineer

Benjamin Isaacs, Engineering Manager

Xavid Pretzer, Staff Software Engineer, Google

Kat Aleksandrova, Software Engineering Manager, Linqia

Andy Liu, Sourcing Specialist

Nick Isaacs, Software Engineer, Google

Mathew Antony, Product Operations Manager

Alex Rubin, Engineer

Conor Woods, Product Manager

Matthew Hiller, Software Engineer, Dropbox

Rory MacQueen, Software Engineer

Anastasia Clegg, QA Engineer, Dropbox

Sasha Perigo, Data Scientist

David Thorman, Software Engineer

Ann Kidder, Product Manager

Daniel Jackoway, Software Engineer

Yasmine Mortazavi, Software Engineer, Zillow Group

Jimmy Wu, Software Engineer

Steven Koppelman, SRE

Logan LaHive, Entrepreneur, Cal Poly 2005

Roee Landesman, Student — Computer Engineering, Cal Poly SLO 2020

Ralph Cutler, Digital Designer & Co Founder, CoLab Cooperative

Jaigene Kang, DevOps Engineer

Jack Poulson, Research Engineer

Kelly Carter, Senior Software Engineer

Angelica Cupat, Experience Designer, NewDealDesign

Roger LeMesurier, Mechanical Engineer , XStream Trucking

Nicholas Gibian, Data Analyst, Twitter

Jonathan Leavitt, Product Manager

Maria C Sumner, Technical Program Manager, Facebook

Matthew Stephens, Mechanical Engineer, Intuitive Surgical

Cara Esten Hurtle, Senior Android Engineer, Slack

David Bloom, Software Engineer, Apple

Chris Thoma, Software Engineer

Becky Liang, Student, 2021

Diego Balvin, Student, 2021

Aparna Dhinakaran, Software Engineer, Uber, Cornell University

Jeff May, Software Engineer, Rally Health

Danny Olson, Software Engineer, Jyve

Praveen Sinha, CTO, Equality Labs

Kelvin Lu, Software Engineer, Square

Steven Goldberg, Software Engineer

Danny Spitzberg, User Researcher,

Joss Geiduschek, Engineering Program Manager

Matthew Pancia, Data Scientist

Peter Ciccolo, Software Engineer, Fingo Inc.

Dave Craige, Founder, The Studio

Haley Bash, Software Engineer

Alejandro CG, IT Infrastructure Engineer

Zachary Salmon, Tech Lead

Kevin Huang, Senior Data Analyst, New Relic

Jauzey Imam, Software Engineer

Kappi Patterson, Software Engineer, Google

Zoe Mansfield, Student, Junior

Morgan green, Sound Design ( Game Dev)

Jerry Clausen, AV Technician

Veronica Wharton, Software Engineer

Isabel Lee, Product Designer

Izaak Meckler, Cryptographer and CTO, O(1) Labs

Sam King, Engineering Manager

Tatiana Ensslin, Software Engineer, Trulia

Syed Munawwer, Student, 2020

Keziah Plattner, Software Engineer, Airbnb

Chris Arvin, Product Designer, Remix

Benaiah Mischenko, Developer, Netlify

Jamie Chong, Software Engineer

Jasmine Sun, Student, Stanford 2021

Deanna Bjorkquist, Security Program Manager, Airbnb, UC Santa Cruz 2011

Brett Jones, Software Developer

Mariana Martínez Alvarado, Service Designer

Jackson Flint-Gonzales, Software Engineer

Jahed Momand, Product Manager

Luke Kopakowski, Software Engineer

Angus L Fletcher, Software Developet

Luke Stark, Postdoctoral Researcher, Microsoft Research Montreal

Ashton Albertson, Software Developer

Tom Renn, Software Engineer, Google

Adam Trimble, Tech Director, Amp Agency

Juliana Almeida, Content Specialist

Erik Hetzner, Software Engineer

Tabitha Rohrer, Technical Writer, Formlabs

Justin W. Friedman, Sr. Software Engineer

Max Kaehn, Software Engineer, Google

Andrew M Potter, Software Engineer

Nathan Sears, Software Engineer, Amazon

Ian Reynolds, Software Engineer, MIT Knowledge Futures Group

Freddy Martinez, DevOps Engineer

Ben Cunningham, Software Engineer

Tessa Nordgren, DevOps Engineer

Benjamin Hergert, Software Developer

Hunter Tammaro, Scrum Master, Excella

Alex Worrad-Andrews, Contract Lead Software Engineer

Justin Hillsmith, Professional Services Engineer, Forcepoint

Molly Trombley-McCann, Software Engineer, Pivotal Software

Brian Ostrander, Game Developer / Software Engineer

Noah Berman, Backend Developer, WeTransfer

Daniel Fosco, Product Designer,

Skyler Schain, UX Designer, Google

Sean O’Donohue, Developer, Detroit Labs

Ross Patton, Software Engineer

Kevin Pujanauski, Head of Product

Will Toms, Agile IT Portfolio Manager, University of Michigan

Michael Lee Williams, Software Engineer, Cloudera

Liz O’Sullivan, Management

Alison Chevalier, Designer, Flax & Stone

Sam Kern, Software Engineer, Google

RJ Mey, Web Developer

Steve Barman, Software Engineer

Adam Egelman, UX Designer

Chris Trevarthen, Software Engineer

Nathan Rosquist, Artist & Web Dev

William Do, Applications Developer

Sarah Quartey, Program Manager, Google

Matt Lane, Co-Founder / Lead Instructor, Rithm School

Alex Birdsall, Software Engineer

Jeff Hodges, Software Engineer, Darkish Green

Long Ouyang, Research Scientist

Aaron M Sarazan, CTO, Stencil Ltd

Sathvik Nair, Student, UC Berkeley / 3rd Year Undergraduate

Bruce Hahne, Project Manager, Google

Filip Skrzesinski, Product Designer

Stoddard Meigs, Member Experience

Bryan Hughes, Developer Advocate, Microsoft

Elias Ponvert, Data Scientist, Indeed

Nicholas Fowler, Software Engineer, Adobe

Robert Long, Software Engineer

Roee Avnon, Software Engineer, Airbnb

Colin Murphy, Software Engineer

Derek Boiko-Weyrauch, Software Engineer, Sportradar US

Peter Johnston, Software Engineer, Pilot

Melissa Luberti, Software Developer

Omayeli, Software Engineer, Linkedin

James DiGioia, Front-End Engineer

Sean Eckard, Sales Engineer, Starship Technologies, U.C. Berkeley 2008

Martin Baker, Software Engineer

Tuhina Das, University Recruiter, Airbnb

Matthew Valentine, Software Engineer, Dropbox

Nat Roth, Software Engineer , Microsoft

Aaron L’Heureux, Software Engineer

David Aeschlimann, Software Engineer

Anna Wolak, Software Engineer

Ali Glenesk, Software Engineer

Eric Wolak, Software Engineer

Graham Roth, Product Manager

Evan Owski, Software Engineer

Sam Stafford, Software Engineer, Dropbox

Gareth Chen, Software Engineer, Facebook

Rosette Diaz, Software Engineer

Sophie Helf, Software Engineer

Jan Baykara, Product Designer, Common Knowledge Co-operative

Julia Lunetta, Project Manager

Matt Meshulam, Software Engineer

Rocky Martin, Data Analyst, Criteo

Sam Johnson, Software Engineer

Grant Chinn, UX Designer

Leah Yukelson, Software Engineer

Arjun Bhargava, ML Researcher

Daniel Dyssegaard Kallick, Software Engineer

Giang Nguyen, Software Enginner, Dropbox

Michael Margolis, Engineering Manager

Bonnie Zhou, Software Engineer, Google

Nick Chambers, Software Engineer

Amelia Goodman, Software Engineer

Anvita Achar, Software Engineer

Lily Chen, Software Engineer, Airbnb, Inc.

Tyler Hughes, Software Engineer

Robert Kajic, Software Engineer, Dropbox

Jonathan Boles, Software Engineer

Kate Donahue, Software Engineer, Google

Kaya Deuser, Student, Vassar College 2020

Joshua Gooden, Director of Engineering

Katie Ellman-Aspnes, Student, Vassar 2020

Adriana Buller, Student, Vassar 2021

Justas Rodarte, Student, Vassar College, 2019

Paul Kinsky, Senior Software Engineer

Isaac Elias, VP Engineering

Daniel Feder, Software Engineer, CivicActions

Adam Dworak, Lead Product Designer

Andy Scheff, Software Engineer, Motion

Isaac Csandl, Full stack web developer

Daniel Washburn, Software Developer

Omayeli Arenyeka, Software Engineer, LinkedIn

Tommasina Miller, Software Engineer

Meiri Anto, Software Engineer, Coursera

Andrew Rich, Software Engineer

Annie Zhang, Software Engineer, Facebook

Emily Cain, Security Engineer, New Relic

Alex Stahl, Software Consultant

Michael Chase, Senior Software Engineer, Netflix

William Conlin, Software Developer, Louisiana State University

Cody Leff, Software Engineer

Kevin Liao, Software Engineer, Facebook

Jackson Chen, Student, Columbia University

Kelsey Freese, Software Developer, IBM

Andrew Hughes, B.S. Computer Science Student, Park University, Senior Year

Mauricio Rivera, Student, Columbia University

Colin Young, Software Solutions Architect, Inspire11

Alison Chan, Software Developer, Detroit Labs

Hannah Keal, People & Culture Partner working with Tech startups, Unleashed.Company

Daniel Silverman, Software Engineer, Oracle

Sarah Tappon, Software Engineer, Dropbox

Susan Tan, Senior Fullstack Software Engineer

Brenda Deely, Software Engineer, bepress | Elsevier

Eldan Goldenberg, GIS Developer

Christopher Yee Mon, Software Engineer, Former DoorDash Driver

Supported by:

Ashley Johnson (DoorDash driver)

Luke Waring

Wendy Liu

Sarah Meyers

Shelley Handler

Laura Woodry

Shannen Torres

Noah Toyonaga

Nicholas Graeve

Cameron Anderson

Alexander Novosad

Trent Matthew Neal

Taran Ouellette

Karen Liou

Karl Schulz

Sebastian Thomas Stoddart

Raymond Plouhar

Sebastian Motley

Brandon Zamora

Eponine Black (DoorDash driver)

Ryan Oleary (DoorDash driver)

Maddie Lewis

Dexter Calkins (DoorDash driver)

Jakob Ross

Theo Fuerst

Jay Stokes (DoorDash driver)

Trevor Berridge (DoorDash driver)

Rebecca Senn (DoorDash driver)

Zoe Mansfield

Markaus Willis

Charles P Bogen (DoorDash driver)

Dakota Giacalone (DoorDash driver)

Leon Wong

Miah Johnson

Dominick Signoretto (DoorDash driver)

Tucker Clemensen

Caitlin Gray

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Freddie Martignetti

Giovanni Ferron

Brian C Lord (DoorDash driver)

Gregory Bauer (DoorDash driver)

Seth Goldstein

Tommy Castellucci

Daphne Smith (DoorDash driver)

Lori Wilder

Tara Taylor

Hank Kennedy

Beth Harvey

Cheryl Anne Ruebner (DoorDash driver)

Patrick Mahoney (DoorDash driver)

Mohammed Sarker

Allison Stafford

Jeremy David Rogers (DoorDash driver)

LeShonda Skinner (DoorDash driver)

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