I’m following too many white dudes on Medium
Declan Wilson

Hey there — I'm a woman! Follow me!

Jk actually you should totally follow the publication Muslim Women Speak and its creator Fariha Róisín — great writing (both herself & the content she curates) and many varied perspectives. Also you should check out the work of Gabrielle Bellot who is AMAZING.

That being said — those following stats are a little horrifying to me tbh, but I’m glad your making an effort to **diversify** your Medium feed. I’d like to take a moment to caution you to try to make the process as much “about” the creators as possible, as opposed to making it about you, i.e. do be cautious about jumping into conversations in female/POC spaces on Medium. I’ve witnessed a lot of white males hop into the responses with their “two cents” and step on toes by accident. Remember to always be conscious of the space you occupy and the privilege you demonstrate even in the act of writing a positive, well-meaning post like this. Admitting unconscious bias is a great start, but the attitude of “I need exposure to these people who aren’t like me!” centers yourself rather than those for whom you hope to be an ally.

I hope this doesn’t come off as critical, I mean to be helpful! Good luck with expanding your reading horizons :) x

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