I am in firm agreement with your overall message, and I thank you for a thoughtful piece of writing…
Claudia Mastroianni

Thank you for your thoughtful & constructive critique, Claudia. Both points are definitely valid — all analogies are inherently flawed (or simply incomplete) and can still be powerful tools in our rhetoric. The most urgent point in these analogies (consent!) comes across effectively, but I think it’s important to discuss these flaws and to be mindful of them.

Your point about education seems to be more about “meeting people where they are” in terms of these discussions, which I totally support. I guess I wrote this with a specific audience in mind, perhaps more specific than I realized at first — that is, people who already have a decent understanding of 1) rape culture & dialogue about it and 2) mainstream feminism in general, especially as it exists on the Internet; people who are already involved in this activism to some extent, and would be interested it complicating/improving it.

Re. your second point — that section was the most difficult for me to write, and using the example of the “result” doesn’t fully grasp the picture accurately. Yvan Vivid’s earlier comment actually elaborates upon that point in a way that seems even more true to what I was trying to say, so I’d encourage you (and anyone reading this) to take a look at that response as well.

Thanks again :) this response ended up quite a lot longer than I intended it to be, but hopefully it contributes something! (Though this comments section is beginning to get unwieldy…)