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This perspective makes a lot of sense, and it’s probably some of both. Lately I’ve been feeling that American conservatives have taken on masculinity as a part of the Republican stance in many ways (even pre-Trump, though he’s contributing to it). Not just in terms of controlling women’s reproductive rights etc., but in terms of hyper-nationalism (sidenote: the word “chauvinism” on its own, while sometimes used interchangeably with “misogyny,” actually just means “excessive nationalism” — which I find really interesting as a funny language thing).

And of course there’s the Republicans’ emphasis on nuclear (patriarchal) families, military strength, and rhetoric about not wanting Democrats to “take away our guns” (castration complex much?? haha maybe that’s taking it a little far). I’m sure someone’s written a more in-depth analysis of this, somewhere.

tl;dr politics is imbued with gender politics across the board. They are inseparable. (Thanks for your response!)

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