Anna Jobsz
Apr 18, 2018 · 3 min read
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SYD, 19th April 2018: Welcome Kinect ( a new organization that will redefine healthcare systems in low income countries, while providing a new financial and technology ecosystem that will benefit stakeholders, administrators and most importantly the end healthcare user.

For the past three years our team of experts have been working with governments across Africa and international donor organisations to understand their challenges and deliver healthcare solutions. The major barrier is addressing the issues of ongoing costs of delivery, accountability of funding distribution and securing reliable electronic health records.

The Kinect token-based economy will drive improvements in health systems and lift the efficacy and transparency of some of the $US400bn (+) donated each year to countries in need, providing a much needed solution.

An integral part of the technology platform behind Kinect is the blockchain technology that solves storage, security and accountability issues. Using blockchain technology on an Ontology network combines a distributed identity system, distributed data exchange and collaboration, distributed procedure protocols and various industry-specific modules. Together this builds the infrastructure for a secure peer-to-peer network with greater efficiency, and most importantly providing medical records and data than cannot be altered.

Kinect is committed to providing a ‘no-cost’ service for the end user. Meaning every patient that visits healthcare will be captured electronically and benefit from the new system, with improved access to services, medications, vaccines and drugs with no additional cost.

Through this process Kinect is able to capture and build a valuable database of medical information, creating Big Data value for our stakeholders. Kinect works with stakeholders such as large multinational corporations, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, NGOs, research facilities and universities.

Aid organizations and healthcare providers have long struggled to implement marketing and outreach approaches in Africa, largely due to poor data and ineffective transfer systems. So it made absolute sense for Kinect to begin their journey working with African countries in great need of change.

CEO of Kinect, Guy Newing talks about launching Kinect.

“Countries in Africa are still suffering from infectious diseases like HIV, tuberculosis and malaria, which are treatable, however a major cause of death in African countries, with some of the lowest life expectancies in the world. Kinect really tackles this head on, solving the problem of traditional paper trails and ineffective recording systems. It’s a unified system that uses the power of blockchain to record, store and communicate data, and also transfer funds to the places that really need it,” he says.

Kinect is currently raising initial funding for global investor conferences and marketing activities to promote their Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The total ICO raising is US$42m to be issued at US$0.18 per token. The Pre-ICO offer will kick off in a matter of weeks at US$0.09 and is capped at a maximum 171m tokens.

The first $9millionUSD worth of tokens sold in the pre-sale will be matched dollar by dollar with donations to a range of African healthcare aligned charities.

Kinect will be featuring at the London Blockchain Expo at London Olympia this week on the 18th and 19th April. CEO Guy Newing will be speaking about the Kinect system at expo on the 18th April at 3.30pm.

For more about our Kinect team, our advisors, ICO dates and our global partnerships head online and pre-register:

For more information, images or comment contact Communications Manager

Anna Jobsz

Written by

Communications Manager, blogger and Kiwi mumma

Anna Jobsz

Written by

Communications Manager, blogger and Kiwi mumma

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