3. Unfortunately, after having discussed our ideas with our classmates and our instructor, Betty Tsakarestou, we understood that we had opened too many fields of action. As a result we decided to reduce our sectors of activity. That’s why we ended up acting through our Facebook page and specifically through our hashtag (#Stay_pawsitive).

4. As far as the field of collaboration is concerned, we decided to cooperate with the animal welfare and the municipality of Kifissia in order to see if on the one hand they were interested for what we had to promote and on the other hand whether our idea could somehow be realized.

5. The municipality of Kifissia was willing to collaborate with us and help the animals in need while using the Hashtag we came up with through social media. The only problem was that they did not have the income to support us. The welfare of Kifissia found our idea unique and were willing to support us by using our Hashtag through their pages on social media, in order to find a home for all those animals in need. They were also interested on supporting us to raise awareness to the world on the importance on adopting and not buying from pet shops.

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