I dream of far off places
Sometimes known, sometimes new
I dream of warm embraces
And delight when it’s you

But fragile are the arms
Which hold me close
Distant too is the voice
Whether earnest or verbose

Such is the nature of dreams
One’s senses competing
All mere simulation
Fundamentally fleeting

Your genuine self
Is only partially resembled
In the dream form you take
Which my subconscious assembles

Rendered clear are some traits
Others obscured or elusive
An idea of you
Which remains inconclusive

Are you handsome and proud
Or are you more humble?
Do you receive with disdain
The words over which I fumble?

Are you friend or foe?
Are you stranger or lover?
Do these versions of you
Remain mine to discover?

Such questions play out
With a life of their own
Manifest in my dreams
My own decompression zone

Those that you inhabit
No longer mine to control
My agency arrested
No prospect of parole

Left cold in a cell
With confusion and doubt
You’re becoming a nightmare
I awake with a shout

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