Heneral Luna Critique Paper

Regarding this film, the filmmaker wanted to emphasize about many ideas such as — Heneral Luna and colleagues extremely fought for the country’s freedom; some government officials of the Philippines were corrupt, and depicted how religious Filipinos are.

The central message of the film is one should be willing to die sincerely for his country. Im achieving freedom, one must be able to sacrifice their life for it. Also, the film showed to the audience the reality of today’s Philippines’ government state. Filipinos have killed fellow countrymen. Indeed, our greatest enemy is ourselves. We are just too selfish — thinking of oursleves first instead the good of our country.

The film was truly engaging for it represents the bravery of Filipinos especially Heneral Luna, of course, because he is the protagonist. And he have contributed an immense part of the Philippines’ history (the American-Filipino war). As I have seen in the film, Heneral Luna is very heroic. He is full of pride for the benefit of our country. I am still hoping to have a leader like Heneral Luna because I saw in the film how he served motherland, how he showed protection of the Filipinos against the Americans, how he loves the Philippines, and how he sacrificed his life for the good of Filipinos. I highly recommend that everyone should watch this epic film.

Creating a film is a form of art for it depicts the ancient happenings of the different countries. In Heneral Luna, Filipinos have changed their outlook about Heneral Luna and the different characters in the film. The film illustrated how ancient Filipinos and some Americans looked on their clothing; and the film showed the weapons used by Filipinos and Americans back then when in war.

The aesthetic experience that I have encountered while watching the film was the effects used and how it was made. It was really worth the watch especially for Filipinos because they will know more deeply about what happened to our country long-ago. For me, the Spoliarium scene was the exquisite and powerful scene showed in the film because it is exactly what is painted in “Spoliarium”.

Joven Hernandez Jr. represents a clever and strong interviewer. He writes what Heneral Luna have said. And by that, he helped the Filipinos to know more about what Heneral Luna have done to motherland — especially fighting toughly to achieve the liberty of his country.


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