Practice these habits and be a likeable leader

Based on Inc. Magazine

1. Teach your people to fish. Give them the knowledge and skills. Empower them and make happy, fulfilled, and loyal members of your tem.

2. Keep expectations realistic. You should hold to the same standards as others in your team.

3. Stay alert and keep people informed. People will feel included and appreciated and will try to do best at their jobs.

4. Lend a helping hand. Be flexible when it comes to schedules at work and show respect for personal responsibilities of people.

5. Build team members’ self-esteem. People always remember how you make them feel. Take every possible opportunity to reward for a good work.

6. Be specific with recognition. Talk about the result of the work and team’s contribution to it.

7. Focus on solutions. You can’t control the problems but you can pay attention to the reactions. Be focused on solutions rather then what is wrong.

8. Build trust with your team. Be honest and transparent on what you do and say to them. They will behave the same way in return then.

9. Don’t shoot the messenger. Be always receptive to what people have to say to you.

10. Be patient. Always put yourself in the shoes of others. Once you were also learning.

11. Be accountable for your own leadership. Minor obstacles should not become the excuses for missing a deadline. The word is the word and it should be kept.

12. Expect a lot of yourself and others. People tend to live up to expectations. Expect a lot and you will be surprised how much you can reach.

13. Be clear and concise with your decisions. Share with other what is the expected result is. Do not leave them guessing.

14. Serve others. There is a power in giving and helping people. Show support, give the tools, provide the guidance. This way you help others and yourself to reach the same goal.

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