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On Super Tuesday, Trump took wins in seven states and continued to carve out a dominant position in the presidential race. The fact that Trump continues to do so well is terrifying in itself, but what’s all the more concerning to me is that he is faring so well among evangelicals. Donald won Georgia on a “wave of evangelical support”, and the same is true of a number of other states in which he’s come out on top.

I take issue with this because the more we hear from Mr. Trump, the more evident it becomes that virtually every one of his plans and views is directly contrary to the Christian worldview. As this race progresses, I am constantly shocked and terrified by “evangelical” support for a man who preaches nothing but hate and ignorance. You cannot be a true Christian and a supporter of Trump and his plans. The two are mutually exclusive.

You cannot be a Christian and support building a wall to keep out those desperately seeking a better life. You cannot be an evangelical and actively participate in hateful actions and speech against any group of people. You cannot be a follower of Christ and oppose providing refuge to those whose lives and countries have been torn apart by war. You cannot love God and hate your neighbor, even if they’re a Muslim, an undocumented immigrant, or a refugee.

Christianity is centered on love; Trump’s platform is built on hate. If you believe in the Gospel, you can’t support a man whose plans directly violate its core tenets. What we saw on Super Tuesday and what we’ve seen throughout this race make me fear for the state of the church and the nation as a whole.

You can’t be an evangelical and a Trump supporter at the same time. Choose one.

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